7 Cities with the Best Street Food in the US

New York City, NY:  Join a tour filled with aromas such as flavorful hot dogs on every site or the spicy basmati rice at the halal food stands that are only one street away.

Los Angeles, CA: Experience a clash of the cultures by exploring a variety of food trucks; from taco trucks, gourmet food trucks, and iconic LA street vendors, offering elements ranging from Korean BBQ to vegan delights.

New Orleans, LA:  Live the spirit of the city by tasting po'boys, beignets, and historic Creole delicacies, with every bite telling the story of cajun extraction this way.

Austin, TX:  Don't forget also to visit the wonderful food scene where tiny, mobile tacos serving eccentric tacos, beef brisket BBQ, and an irresistible combination of Mexican and Texas cuisines.

Portland, OR:  Take pleasure in the diverse offerings of sidewalk markets and food trucks serving a variety of food types like gourmet grilled cheese carts, fusion international cuisines with a local twist and other food parties.

Chicago, IL:  Sink your teeth into superb slices of deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to tuck into the diverse fare of Italian beef sandwiches and surprising authentic Mexican street eats.

San Francisco, CA:  Take to the road with eating tents serving farm- to-fork culinary delights, fresh seafood, and innovative blended cuisines, as the city's progressive taste buds are reflected.