6 Stunning Buildings and Structures in the US

The renowned Empire State Building in NYC, an Art deco artistic gem, holds a unique appeal to locals and tourists alike with awe-inspiring 360 degree viewing points, dating back to 1931.

The transcendental Golden Gate Bridge spanning the bay with incredible red color, represents its engineering superiority, and coastal marvel.

Fallingwater in Pennsylvania is a joint of nature and modern art and this is one of the Wright's masterpieces which was created by incorporation organic elements into the building structure.

The Space Needle in Seattle, now a symbol of innovation that appeared at the 1962 World's Fair, has the views of the city and a modernistic design.

Chrysler Building in NYC renowned for Art Deco style, is a beacon for this glittering spire topped by intricate murals and depicting the luxuriousness of the roaring jazz age.

The Hoover Dam at the Colorado River on the Nevada-Arizona border serves as such a great engineering marvel providing source of the power to the residents from these two states.