6 Must-Visit Museums Across America

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum:  Join the wonders of aviation and discover how people conquered the skies over the history of time in Washington, D. C. with the help of interactive exhibits and historic artifacts.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  Loss yourself in the vast gallery of artistic masterpieces that spans thousands of years, from civilization to our modern times, that New York City has.

The Getty Center:  Allow yourself be the part of L.A skyline and then discover the unique artwork of yours in the garden or architecture.

The Field Museum:  Sense the wonders of natural history in Chicago, with dinosaurs such as Sue the T.Rex, ancient mummies and interactive exhibits among other sights.

The National WWII Museum:  Commemorate the heroes and hear the story of World War II in New Orleans as you walk through the exhibits and touch historic moments.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA):  Witness the development of modern and contemporary art in New York City where several of the most farsighted people benefitted from the exhibitions and the iconic works.