5 Most Underrated Towns You Won't Want to Miss in Spain

Looking for a taste of authentic Spain beyond the big cities? Here are 5 hidden gems waiting to be explored:

Off-White Arrow

This charming coastal town boasts stunning beaches, rich history, and delicious Andalusian cuisine.



Explore the historic city center, wander colorful streets, and sample fresh seafood at the Mercado Central. 

Nestled in the Malaga countryside, this whitewashed village offers breathtaking mountain views and traditional Spanish charm. 

Canillas de Aceituno


Explore the 16th-century church and Moorish castle, then savor local specialties on the charming main square.

Perched on a rocky hilltop in Catalonia, Siurana offers stunning scenery and a glimpse into history.



Take the scenic drive to the village, and explore the narrow streets and the impressive Moorish castle. 

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