4 Sun Safety Essentials for Older Travelers

Travel offers health benefits but also health risks like UV exposure. Older adults face higher risks; here are five essential sun protection items.

Prescription Sunglasses: Older adults need UV protection. Ray-Ban RB4376 offers style and prescription lenses, ideal for versatile travel.

Sunscreen:  One-third of Americans skip sunscreen. Colorescience SPF 50 is sheer, perfect for easy application during travel.

Sun Protection Clothing: UPF-rated clothing blocks UV rays. Invest in hooded, long-sleeved tops and bottoms for comprehensive coverage.

Sun-Covering Shoes:  Avoid flip-flop tan lines and foot sunburns with full-coverage shoes. Apply water-resistant sunscreen for beach outings.

Hydration and Umbrella: Stay hydrated with water and use a black umbrella for added SPF protection. Pack these essentials for a safe, sun-filled journey.