11 Fantastic Things to Do in Bimini Bahamas

Visit the Fountain of Youth: Explore the legendary Fountain of Youth on South Bimini, steeped in history and myth, surrounded by tropical foliage.

Discover Bimini Road Dive into the mystery of Bimini Road, a snorkeling adventure amidst a debated man-made or natural underwater limestone formation.

Swim with Wild Dolphins: Experience a unique dolphin encounter in their natural habitat, a memorable experience offered by Bimini Scuba Center.

Explore Dolphin House Museum:  Immerse yourself in art and marine life at the Dolphin House Museum, a colorful mosaic-filled tribute to dolphins in Alice Town.

Snorkel the SS Sapona Dive into history at the SS Sapona shipwreck, now an artificial reef teeming with marine life for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Relax on Bimini Beaches: Lounge on pristine Bimini beaches, from the luxurious Resorts World Beach Club to the secluded Honeymoon Harbour Beach.

Join Bimini Wahoo Mayhem: Witness the excitement of big game fishing at the Bimini Wahoo Mayhem tournament, a thrilling annual event.

Experience Bimini Nightlife: Dance the night away at Alice Town's vibrant nightlife scene, offering bars and clubs along King's Highway.

Enjoy Water Sports:  Engage in water adventures, from swimming with dolphins to snorkeling and scuba diving, or golfing at Windsor Downs.

Shop at Bimini Craft Center: Discover unique souvenirs at the Bimini Craft Center, featuring local crafts and the famous Bimini bread.

Test Your Luck at the Casino: Try your hand at games of chance while enjoying ocean views at Resorts World Casino, a lively alternative to beach activities.