10 Fun Facts About Augusta, Missouri: Wine Country on the Rise!


Hidden Gem

Charming Augusta, Missouri is a historic town near St. Louis known for wineries, antique shops, and stunning scenery.


German Roots

Founded by German immigrants in the 1830s, Augusta boasts a rich winemaking tradition.


Saved French Wine! 

Missouri's resistant grapes helped revive the French wine industry during a devastating insect attack.


Prohibition Blues

Like many wine regions, Augusta's wineries suffered during Prohibition, but a revival began in the 1960s.


First American Viticultural Area (AVA)

Augusta holds the distinction of being the US's first designated wine-grape-growing region.


Major Makeover 

Real estate developers are investing $100 million to transform Augusta into a world-class wine destination.


Vineyards & Beyond

The Hoffmann Family of Companies is acquiring wineries, shops, and buildings, revamping Augusta's downtown area.


Luxury on the Rise

New restaurants, shops, guest cottages, and even a yacht cruise are adding to Augusta's appeal.


Missouri's Napa Valley Ambitions

The goal is to make Augusta a wine destination rivaling California's Napa Valley.


Climate Change & Award-Winning Wines

Missouri's climate may benefit from warming trends, and its wineries already produce excellent, under-appreciated wines.

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