The Best Pickleball Equipment You Need To Play This Newest Craze

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The Best Pickleball Equipment You Need To Play This Newest Craze

Older adults playing pickleball outside.

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  • All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.
    All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

    Pickleball is touted as "the sport all ages can play," so it is no surprise that it has become one of the fastest-growing new sports sensations in recent decades. Whether you are merely a curious beginner or you dove into the craze early and are a self-proclaimed pro, everyone needs the proper equipment! Luckily, pickleball does not require much to play. Read on to learn what equipment you need, how to choose the best product for you, and our top choices for the best pickleball paddles, balls, portable nets, and athletic shoes.

    Pickleball Paddles

    Choosing a quality pickleball paddle may seem overwhelming, especially for a curious beginner. The first quality to look for is whether or not the racket is USAPA-approved if you are interested in eventually participating in a tournament. USAPA stands for USA Pickleball, the non-profit governing body of pickleball in the United States. This organization reviews pickleball paddles and rackets based on specific criteria required for their tournaments, including the paddle's texture, reflection, and design. If you are looking for a strictly recreational paddle, disregard these standards.

    USAPA-Approved Graphite Pickleball Racket

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    This USAPA-approved pickleball paddle is the top choice on Amazon and has thousands of five-star ratings from satisfied pickleballers. The quality combined with the affordable price made this paddle one of the most popular choices over the past two decades! (Did you know pickleball existed 20 years ago?!) The durable graphite carbon fiber paddle face and honeycomb composite polymer core ensure this paddle will last many years of play.

    Selkirk Prime Epic Pickleball Paddle – USAPA Approved

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    This pickleball paddle is also USAPA-approved and includes all the bells and whistles an intermediate or advanced player may want to elevate their game. This paddle uses the newest Prime technology to make the “sweet spot” on the surface larger and more efficient. The paddle core consists of an X4 polypropylene polymer core, designed to assist the player with control and maximum power. If you are serious about getting into tournament play, Selkirk paddles are the game choice of over 200 professionals worldwide!

    XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles – Set of 2

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    This value set includes two pickleball paddles, both with neoprene covers, perfect for the couple looking to try out a new hobby together. The paddle face is made of carbon fiber, designed to help intermediate players have greater control and accuracy in their hits. Grab this set and your partner, then head to your nearest court!

    Pickleball Balls

    Pickleball balls are available in two different styles: indoor and outdoor. Before making your selection, consider where your local courts are and buy the appropriate indoor or outdoor set of balls. Or, better yet, grab a set of both to be prepared for a game whenever and wherever you find yourself!

    Outdoor pickleball balls are made with harder and more durable plastic, have smaller holes, and are heavier overall. This helps the ball cut through windy outdoor air and increase the bounce. Indoor pickleball balls are lighter, softer, and have larger holes to increase accuracy on indoor courts.

    Professional USAPA-Approved Outdoor Pickleball Balls | Yellow, 12 Pack

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    This 12-pack of outdoor pickleball balls is USAPA-approved and is enhanced with Athletic Bounce Technology to boost your performance. Like all outdoor pickleball balls, these have 40 holes and are weighted for maximum aerodynamics. This 12-pack provides ample replacement balls to allow for continuous play as you perfect your swing.

    A11N Premium Indoor Pickleball Balls – Green, 6- & 12-packs

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    Like all approved indoor pickleball balls, these have 26 holes and are designed with quality TPE material for durability. The balls bounce well off all indoor court surfaces. They are available in both 6- and 12-packs for plenty of backup balls.

    Pickleball Nets

    Sure, you may know of many local pickleball courts near your home, but how great would it be to take this game on your next family vacation? Well, now you can, thanks to portable pickleball nets! Official pickleball nets are at least 21 feet by 9 inches post to post and at least 30 inches tall. Portable nets are designed to pop right up and can instantly transform your campsite, driveway, or anywhere with a flat surface and enough space for players.

    3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

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    This portable pickleball net is top-rated on Amazon, with five-star reviews across the board. It’s easy to see why! This net and included carrying case weighs only 22 pounds, making it the obvious choice to transport with you everywhere. The stable, sturdy frame snaps together in less than 10 minutes, and reviewers boast about how effortless the full set-up process is.

    AMA SPORT Portable Pickleball Net

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    If you’re not quite ready to spend a lot of money, check out this portable net option! Designed for use both indoors and outdoors, this regulation-sized net is another Amazon bestseller. It has a weighted sturdy base to withstand outdoor elements and is reinforced with a fiberglass middle post. It also comes with a carrying bag and is even a bit lighter than the previous net, weighing only 18 pounds.

    Pickleball Shoes

    As with any sport, it is imperative to have proper athletic shoes to stay nimble on your feet and avoid injury.

    Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Pickleball Shoes

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    Wilson has been synonymous with court sports for decades, so it is no surprise they have the pickleball athletic shoe perfected. The rubber soles ensure maximum grip on various types of court surfaces. Wilson’s features, including Sensifeel and 3D-FS, allow the player to explore and accelerate quickly while keeping your ankles stable. These shoes are available in both bright blue and red in various sizes for both men and women.

    ASICS Gel-Dedicate Tennis Shoes

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    Asics is also known for its durable, high-performance products. These shoes can be worn for both tennis and pickleball and are best-suited for the recreational player. The best feature about this particular pair is the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System, which absorbs the shock as your foot hits the court to allow for fluid movement. These are available in seven colors in sizes for both men and women.

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