The Best Women’s Snowboards Of 2021 (Review)

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The Best Women’s Snowboards Of 2021 (Review)

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  • All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.
    All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

    If you’re considering buying a snowboard, you’ve probably spent considerable time on the slopes. Perhaps you’ve been renting and finally want a board to call your own, or you need to replace a worn-out board or want to try something new.

    Here, we consider some of the highest-rated women’s snowboards and snowboard packages available on Amazon -- and share a detailed buying guide that will help you home in on the best women’s snowboards for you. Looking for a men’s or kids’ snowboard? Then don’t miss our Best Men’s Snowboards Review 2021 or our Review: The Best Kids’ Snowboards Of 2021.

    The Best Women’s Snowboards

    STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

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    In addition to an all mountain-style snowboard, this highly rated unisex package comes with snowboard boot bindings and the hardware to put everything together. The product’s Amazon listing also offers options: You can purchase the double-camber snowboard in a matte or gloss finish, with or without bindings (availability may depend on the length you need). If you want to upgrade even further, you can actually order the board, bindings, and hardware with a black or green rolling travel bag that has external zippered pockets and straps for cinching down to ensure your new snowboard isn’t beat up in transit.

    The snowboard comes in 128-, 133-, 138-, 153-, and 158-centimeter sizes (see our women’s snowboard buying guide below for more on selecting your size) and allows you to ride switch since it’s truly twin directional.

    Reviewers give the package a 4.7 out of 5 average star rating, noting that it’s responsive and stable, light, and a good board for beginners to learn on.

    Some reviewers say the bindings aren’t easy to unlatch and at least one reported that they didn’t fit their boots well because they were too large. The seller sent them replacements, which is a good sign!


    • Truly twin directional; built for switch riding
    • Responsive and stable
    • Light and beginner friendly


    • Bindings don’t fit all snowboarding boots well
    • Some buyers say the bindings catch
    • The length you need may not be available in your preferred package/finish

    Key Features

    • All-mountain, double-camber board
    • Bindings and hardware included
    • Rolling travel bag upgrade optional


    • Brand: STAUBER
    • Board Type: Double-camber, all mountain
    • Extras: Bindings, travel bag, and hardware depending on package

    Burton Hideaway Snowboard

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    We really enjoy recommending Burton products. The company — founded in 1977 and dedicated to making snowboarding gear since — is known for offering quality boots, bindings, and boards and has a well-publicized commitment to the environment, with big 2020 plans for reducing its landfill waste and carbon emissions. So you can feel good about purchasing the women’s Hideaway board, which has a solid 5-star rating and is available in 148- and 152-centimeter sizes.

    It can be ridden switch despite having a directional shape and boasts a flat-top profile, which, according to the product listing, means increased stability, balance, and continuous edge control. An alternating softwood and hardwood construction keeps the board light without sacrificing its strength or responsiveness.

    Burton calls the Hideaway a soft and playful board fit for beginners, but on its website, one reviewer notes that even as an intermediate rider, it can feel difficult to control at higher speeds, especially at first. Note that this board doesn’t come with bindings or other extras, but it does have a typical Burton price tag, meaning it’s more expensive than the other options on our list.


    • Made by a trusted, eco-conscious company
    • Truly twin directional; built for switch riding
    • Lightweight construction


    • Doesn’t come with bindings or other extras
    • More expensive than other options on our list
    • May be difficult to control at higher speeds

    Key Features

    • Stable, flat top-profile
    • Directional shape
    • Soft + hardwood construction


    • Brand: Burton
    • Board Type: Flat top, directional shape
    • Extras: N/A

    System 2020 Juno and Mystic Snowboard Package

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    System’s Juno and Mystic complete snowboard package includes all the snowboarding specifics you need to hit the slopes: a Juno board, Siren Mystic bindings, and Siren Lux women’s snowboarding boots. The board’s camber-rocker-camber profile allows for “serious float” in powder with a good mix of control and stability.

    The board itself is available in 145-, 149-, and 151-centimeter sizes, while the classic lace-up boots come in women’s sizes 6 through 10. The boots (which have moldable heat liners) and bindings are made for comfort, with gel patches and lined ratcheting straps that will keep your feet and ankles safe and secure.

    Nearly 90 percent of reviewers give the package either four or five stars, calling the snowboard beautiful and saying the boots fit perfectly. Note, however, that at least one reviewer says the bindings loosen up and another shared that they had to be secured to the board further apart than she’d hoped, resulting in a wider stance.


    • Excellent deal
    • Boots and bindings are designed for comfort
    • Heat-moldable boot linings


    • Not a good deal if you already own your own boots
    • Bindings may loosen over time and require a wider stance than some riders like
    • Not clear if the board is twin directional/can be ridden switch

    Key Features

    • Complete package with boots and bindings included
    • Camber-rocker-camber profile
    • Matching blue and white aesthetic


    • Brand: System
    • Board Type: Camber-rocker-camber
    • Extras: Boots, bindings

    Camp Seven Dreamcatcher Snowboard Package

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    We complete our list with another snowboarding package, this one from Camp Seven. The included dreamcatcher snowboard has an aesthetic buyers rave about. Its rocker-dominant profile (with mild cambers at the tip and tail) prioritizes riders’ ability to float on powder.

    The bindings are the same as those included in the System 2020 Juno and Mystic snowboard package: comfort-centric Siren Mystics that will accommodate women’s snowboarding boots sizes 5 to 11. They have lined ratcheting straps and a design that take foot, ankle, calf, and shin comfort into consideration.

    Reviewers give the package an uncontested 5-star Amazon rating and seem most impressed with the board’s aesthetic. At least one notes that the bindings are very supportive; another says the board is versatile and responsive, good for anywhere you want to go, from icy or powdered moguls to half pipes and boxes.

    Note that there are few photos on Amazon and Camp Seven (like some of the other manufacturers featured on this list) isn’t a well-established snowboarding brand.


    • Excellent deal
    • Poplar construction keeps the board light
    • Included bindings are designed for comfort


    • Few photos on Amazon
    • May not be a good deal if you already own your own bindings
    • Manufacturer isn’t a well-established snowboarding brand

    Key Features

    • Unique dreamcatcher motif
    • Rocker-dominant profile
    • Comes with bindings


    • Brand: Camp Seven
    • Board Type: Rocker
    • Extras: Bindings

    Women’s Snowboards Buying Guide

    Snowboarding gear is expensive, and the board itself will be the most costly (and bulky!) element of your snowboarding getup. Many recreational snowboarders choose to rent for this reason, but whether you’ve decided to buy or just want to explore your options, here are some specs worth considering.


    We like this REI Co-Op expert advice article on choosing a snowboard, which reveals that “when snowboarding was new on the scene, people would pick their board lengths by standing boards on their tails.” Why? “To see how tall they were in relation to themselves. If the nose of the board reached somewhere between their chin and nose, then it was deemed the right size.”

    Today, it’s considered better (and is definitely easier) to use your body weight to determine which board length/size is right for you, so be sure to consult snowboard manufacturers’ sizing charts and order your board accordingly.

    Twin Directionality

    A truly twin directional board’s tip (front end) and tail (back end) have the exact same shape, and this enables you to ride switch — with the opposite foot forward– whenever you feel like it. Some of the snowboards we’ve considered here are twin directional. Others aren’t, but still allow you to ride switch. Note, however, that different tip and tail sizes and designs will affect your switch ride.

    Snowboard Bend/Camber And Rocker

    A snowboard’s profile is defined by the presence or absence of cambers (upward curves) and rockers (downward curves) that affect how it moves across the snow. Flat, camber, rocker, camber-rocker, and flat-rocker boards all exist, and the profile that’s best for you depends on what type of snow you plan to play in most often. Will you be in powder, on crust, in half pipes, or doing something else? You should buy a board with a profile that’s intended for your intended use. Consider getting a feel for what you like on friends’ or rented boards, and definitely spend some time reading up.

    Snowboarding Packages

    Amazon reviewers seem to agree that some of the best women’s snowboards come in full-on snowboarding packages. These can be a great option if you don’t already own your own boots and bindings. Note, however, that if you already have these items, or want to buy specific boots , it’s in your best interest to go with a snowboard-only option and consult our Best Snowboarding Boots Review 2020.