16 Gifts Everyone Will Fight Over At Your White Elephant Party

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16 Gifts Everyone Will Fight Over At Your White Elephant Party

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  • All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.
    All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

    White Elephant, or “Rob Your Neighbor,” parties have become holiday traditions for many families, co-workers, and groups of friends. If you’re not familiar, every attendee brings a wrapped gift to throw in the middle of a pile and, when it’s your turn, you get to select a gift to unwrap. You then have the choice about keeping what you unwrapped or stealing one of the previously unwrapped gifts. Since the very last person gets to steal any gift sans deceiving wrapping paper, it’s obviously a huge advantage to be one of the final to select.

    Although there is some debate about whether or not these gifts are supposed to be gag gifts, we decided to take the opposing approach. After all, isn’t it always more fun to give gifts people actually love? We polled the TravelAwaits team about gifts they’ve witnessed fights over (okay, maybe not actual fights) and the most steal-worthy products of the year. No matter which one of the 16 you end up buying below, you’re guaranteed to be a favorite at your White Elephant party. (Pro Tip: We don’t believe in the rule that you can’t steal the gift you brought!)

    Teakwood Bottle + Brush Set | S’well

    Buy Now $49.50

    “Everyone always can use a new stainless steel water bottle and this S’well bestseller is a guaranteed gifting hit. The beautiful sleek Teakwood color is great for men or women, so consider this for a family party. S’well’s products are known for keeping the contents cooler (or hotter!) much longer than their competitors, and this bottle will keep your water ice cold for up to 36 hours. Plus, as a huge bonus, this set comes with S’well custom brush cleaner that can be used on most similarly-sized bottles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to think about what could be stuck in my daily water tumbler.” Allison Weston, Director of Marketing

    Death Wish Coffee + Valhalla Java Bundle | Death Wish Coffee Company

    Buy Now $33.98

    “We’re willing to bet that at least someone at your party will be a caffeine-addict. Good, strong coffee is always an excellent gift to give. Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee, the World’s Strongest Coffee, is ideal for those that believe moderation is overrated. The Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend is a favorite for those that enjoy some only the strongest flavor. The bundle brings them together for the best of both worlds! We promise your friends or family will be stealing this bundle the entire game.” Allison Weston, Director of Marketing

    Tortoise Sunglasses Nine Dollar Pour Over | Goodr

    Buy Now $25.00

    “You can’t go wrong with Goodr sunglasses. These will 100% get stolen at a White Elephant party because they look good on everyone. At my last party, it was fun watching everyone try these on. I used to buy expensive sunglasses, but I’d either scratch or lose them. And the worst part was that they’d always end up falling off my nose or getting stuck in my hair. Then I found Goodr. They’re designed for athletes, but they’re super cute and come in a bunch of different colors and styles. They have stayed on my face through a half marathon and they’re cheap enough that I can keep a couple pairs around to throw on for any occasion. I cannot recommend these enough!” Kasey Grelle, CEO

    Nest Holiday Votive Candle Set | Nordstrom

    Buy Now $48.00

    These candles are amazing and make your whole house smell delicious. People at your White Elephant will fight over the pretty packaging and the fragrances that you can actually smell through the box. The Moroccan Amber is my go-to fall/winter candle to burn, but I love these for a little more holiday festivity.” Kasey Grelle, CEO

    The SOFTEST Throw Blanket | Etsy

    Buy Now $46.00

    “Anything that falls into the “warm and fuzzy” category is a hot commodity during our family gift exchange, and after feeling this blanket you’ll understand why. Cozy and luxurious, this faux fur throw doesn’t shed and looks great tossed over a chair or sofa. It’s the perfect blanket for the season and you’ll want to curl up beneath it with your favorite beverage and holiday movie.” Erika Leonard, COO

    Baggage Claim Eye Masks | Wander Beauty

    Buy Now $25.00

    “I stole these eye masks at a White Elephant party pre-COVID. They quickly became my morning pandemic coping mechanism. When I was too tired or had a little too much red wine the night before, these babies perked my skin right up! They feel great—so cooling and refreshing, and the gold color made me feel weirdly glam in the process.” Kasey Grelle, CEO

    Rocketbook Core Reusable Planner Journal | Rocketbook

    Buy Now $34.00

    “This journal planner is my favorite product of 2021! I don’t know about you, but I live and die by my handwritten planner, so it has to be small enough to fit in my purse. In an effort to be more mindful, I have also made journaling a priority. Not only is this Rocketbook Core the perfect size, it combines both planner pages with journaling pages. But wait—there’s more! This notebook is completely sustainable and you can reuse the pages over and over. Simply use the Rocketbook pen (included with purpose), scan the page once complete, and your notes will be uploaded to your email address, Dropbox, or Cloud. Then, wipe the page clean! Rocketbook gets an A+ for helping anyone organize their life and it’s so fun watching people ‘ooh and ahh’ at its smart technology.” Allison Weston, Director of Marketing

    Find Anything With Tile’s Bluetooth Tracker | Tile

    Buy Now $35.00

    “This Tile Tracker was the most stolen gift at my family holiday party last year! Does that mean we’re all forgetful?? Thankfully, I ended up taking home this prize, and I’m so glad I did. I slipped this onto my key ring, and never have to worry about losing my keys again. I even bought the sleek sticker version to use on my TV remote, and my Roomba (ALWAYS under the bed!!). Pro Tip: You can also throw one in your checked luggage when traveling to make sure your bags make it on the plane, and to know when your bag is coming out of the baggage carousel.” Nicole McCulloch, Brand Director

    Mikasa® Cheers Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4) | Bed Bath & Beyond

    Buy Now $58.00

    “Since we’re all usually sipping on wine during our gift exchange, a new set of wine glasses is always popular. After all, you can never have too many, especially if you love entertaining! This set of stemless glasses features beautiful etched designs to add some pizzazz to your wine glass collection. The patterns are also different on each glass so they help act as drink markers.” Erika Leonard, COO

    Drinking Buddies Glass Drink Markers, Set Of 6 | Amazon

    Buy Now

    “These may look super cheesy, because they are, but I can personally attest to the fact they’ll be a hit at any women’s White Elephant party. Each Drinking Buddy comes with his own name and, aside from being good for a laugh, these are actually quite useful to keep track of your glass at a larger party. Pair them with a good bottle of wine or nice set of wine glasses, this may be the top stolen gift of the night.” Allison Weston, Director of Marketing

    Pique Matcha Green Tea Sun Goddess | Amazon

    Buy Now

    “The gourmand participating in your White Elephant will have their eye on this ceremonial-grade matcha as soon as it’s unwrapped — as will anyone who’s a fan of caffeinated beverages. We’re big on matcha, and Pique’s Sun Goddess matcha is our favorite yet. Pick the tin if you want to share an especially fancy gift, or go for the Single Serve Sticks if you’re White Elephanting with a group on the go. Pique also offers a lineup of beautifully packaged tea crystals that will delight the whole crowd and are perfect for on the go.” Linsey Stevens, Managing Editor

    Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Mat | Sur La Table

    Buy Now $30.00

    “These unassuming mats will be quickly stolen by anyone who loves to bake cookies, pastries or other treats—and hates doing dishes! Developed by a French baker, Silpat baking mats are a fabulous addition to any kitchen. The mats can be placed directly on a sheet pan, and provide even heat transfer, ensuring your goodies come out perfect. My favorite part though, clean up is super simple—just wash and rinse.”Nicole McCulloch, Brand Director

    Pyrex Grab Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Set | Amazon

    Buy Now

    “These Pyrex dishes are not the equivalent of giving your wife a vacuum for Christmas. When this was opened at my gift exchange, my friend held it tight and gave the rest of us that ‘don’t you dare’ look. I just couldn’t help myself though. I don’t know if it was the lids, the handles, or the fact that I can’t get enough kitchen dishes, but I stole it and love them everytime I pull them out of the cabinet.” Missy Glassmaker, VP

    Heirloom Art Co.

    Buy Now

    “Heirloom Art Co. describes itself as “a small group of people who love art and who love home,” advocating for books, art, and presents that go beyond the useful to share and celebrate little things that are “intentional and carefully-chosen to add beauty and peace to the spaces we inhabit.” We describe their offerings more simply. Instant cozy. Their gifts come from around the globe, and you can shop by interest, occasion, and even country of origin. Our White Elephant favorites include candles, including their Terracotta collection and these Luxe Sugar Cubes from Blüm by Teaspressa.” Linsey Stevens, Managing Editor

    Blue Q Shoulder Tote | Amazon

    Buy Now

    “Whether you’re traveling or running errands around town, you can never have too many good reusable bags. Blue Q’s shoulder totes take reusable bags to the next level with a sturdy design, external pocket, cheeky prints, and zip closure. Select the right print for your white elephant crowd, and it’s guaranteed that this is the gift any recipient will use.” Linsey Stevens, Managing Editor

    Tirrinia 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier | Amazon

    Buy Now

    “This slick wine carrier will be the gift that’s stolen a few times at your holiday gathering, especially if you include a bottle or two of wine. The Tirrinia wine tote is perfect to take to a picnic or a friend’s house where it’s BYOB. It comes in a variety of colors, perfect for all tastes. Tirrinia also makes single and four bottle totes, so there’s something for everyone.” –Missy Glassmaker, VP