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Spring has officially sprung, and our team has kept busy ensuring that the steady flow of travel inspiration you've grown accustomed to does not slow down. As more and more people get vaccinated, the number of individuals ready to hit the road and begin traveling again is continuing to increase. Whether you are biting at the bit to book your next trip or you are still patiently waiting along with the masses, here are this past month's 15 most popular articles for you to enjoy.

Small towns and national parks continue to resonate with you, and our writers didn't disappoint last month, providing great tips on where to go and how to make the most of your time while there. Safe travels!

Paradise Valley in Montana.

15. Livingston To Yellowstone: Best Stops In Paradise Valley, Montana

Home to the only entrance to Yellowstone National Park that is open year-round to personal vehicles, Paradise Valley certainly makes a name for itself. Come experience Teresa Otto's picks for the 14 best stops in Paradise Valley, Montana, whether you are planning a trip to Yellowstone or just want to enjoy the natural beauty of Montana.

14. Must-Visit Quaint Towns In Upstate New York

A visit to Upstate New York should be on your list of places to explore if you have not already been. While the "City" is densely packed with people, steel, and concrete, "Upstate" offers clear lakes, rolling mountains, and acre upon acre of small-town charm to explore. Here are Sage Scott's picks for the must-visit quaint towns in Upstate New York.

13. Most Scenic Places In Texas Hill Country

At nearly 270,000 square miles, Texas is a massive state with a landscape that is nearly as diverse as the U.S. itself. It has coastal beaches, arid deserts, fertile farmland, and rugged mountains. The hill country of south-central Texas, in particular, is a must-visit. While the entire region is full of color and beautiful landscapes, Jill Dutton shares her picks for the most scenic places in Texas Hill Country for you to explore.

Lake Patagonia in Arizona at sunset.

12. New National Park Service App You Need Before Your Next Visit

Did the need to jump back and forth between apps for different national parks become tiresome during your previous trips? Well, a beta version for a new all-in-one app is now available: Make sure to download the National Park Service app before your next visit so that you can stay up-to-date as you traverse through the nation's parks.

11. How To Spend A Day In Quirky Patagonia, Arizona

Nestled in the mountains of southern Arizona, you will find the charming town of Patagonia. Less than 20 miles from the Mexican border, you will find no shortage of interesting attractions in this town of under 1,000 residents. Arizona native Cindy Barks shares her recommendations for how to spend a day in quirky Patagonia, Arizona.

10. U.S. States Expecting Trillions Of Cicadas This Spring

Cicadas are an integral part of the spring experience for many across the world: Their symphonic clicking announcing the upcoming summer. However, for many in North America this year, this sound may just prove deafening as trillions of cicadas are expected to emerge. We have provided all of the necessary information for you to determine if you need to invest in a new pair of earplugs.

9. Expert Advice For Boomers Traveling In 2021 And 2022

The experts have weighed in: Consider their advice for boomers traveling in 2021 and 2022 as you make your next travel plans. These experts help to navigate through the unique circumstances that await baby boomers as they navigate a world emerging from isolation.

Roaring lion in Kruger National Park.
Melissa Klurman

8. How My First Trip To Kruger National Park Changed My Life

Having grown up in the suburbs and opting for "urban vacations" in her early years, Melissa Klurman was understandably anxious about a wildlife safari away from her normal creature comforts. Melissa shares with our readers how her first trip to Kruger National Park changed her life and whether or not she would recommend that you make the journey for yourself.

7. Reasons Why We Love Spending Our Retirement Years In Mexico

Louisa Rogers sets out to share her love for the country that she and her husband call home for one-third of every year. Read the reasons they love spending their retirement years in Mexico, and consider if Mexico may be the right place for you to spend your winters -- or relocate to altogether.

Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

6. Adorable Small Towns To Visit In Newfoundland

There is plenty to explore in Canada's easternmost province, including the coastal towns of Iceberg Alley and the capital city of St. John's. However, there is more to be discovered in this quaint Canadian region along the Atlantic: Make time during your excursion for these 7 adorable small towns in Newfoundland.

5. Reasons Expats Love Spending Their Retirement Years In Mexico

TravelAwaits readers sure were interested in retiring to Mexico! If you haven't already decided based on Louisa's article experience, take a look at Kara Williams' article about why expats love spending their retirement years in Mexico.

4. Kauai Is Changing Its Travel Rules Again

The ever-changing travel landscape that was 2020 has persisted into 2021, leaving many grounded and tropical destinations, such as Hawaii, out of reach for most. But the Island of Kauai recently changed their travel rules -- again. Could a trip to Kauai be in your near future?

Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

3. Least Visited U.S. National Parks In 2020

National parks preserve some of the most beautiful land across the United States, ensuring the natural sights are protected and maintained for generations. Some parks -- such as The Everglades and Joshua Tree -- are situated near major population centers such as Miami and Los Angeles, and others, like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, have powerful name recognition. These parks see millions of visitors each year, and while beautiful and totally worth the trip, can also prove to be quite crowded. At a time when social distancing is the norm, why not visit one of the least visited U.S. national parks during your next trip?

Arches National Park.
Cindy Barks

2. Best Small Towns Near Entrances To U.S. National Parks

With 63 U.S. national parks scattered across the country, opportunity abounds to explore the millions of acres of preserved natural land at your fingertips. However, don't be too quick to pass up the chance to enjoy the gateway towns situated near the parks' entrances, as some are a destination in themselves. Read our picks for the best small towns near U.S national nark entrances, and let us know if we left off your favorite!

Last but not least, the most-read article from March was...

1887 Christ Church Episcopal, Rugby, Tennessee.
Heide Brandes

1. Victorian Utopia Hidden In The Middle Of Tennessee

More than a century after being founded, Rugby, Tennessee is still thriving amidst the hills of Appalachia in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. This hidden gem remains a fascinating secret to many, and you will want to explore this Victorian utopia hidden in the middle of Tennessee for yourself to truly appreciate its uniqueness.

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