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It wasn’t quite “to infinity and beyond,” but a Southwest Airlines employee absolutely went above and beyond his duties to reunite a little boy with his lost Buzz Lightyear action figure.

The adventure began at Dallas Love Field. A little boy named Hagen and his family had gotten off a plane and were driving away -- only to realize Hagen’s Buzz Lightyear was missing. Hagen’s parents realized that by then, too much time had passed, and the plane was already on its way to another airport, Southwest Airlines explains in a Facebook post.

“My son was devastated,” Hagen’s mom, Ashley Davis, wrote on Facebook, reports The Dallas Morning News.

A Helpful Friend

The airplane’s next stop was Little Rock, Arkansas. That’s where Jason, a ramp agent at Little Rock’s Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, found Buzz Lightyear. In the movie Toy Story, Andy had written his name on the bottom of Buzz’s boot. Fortunately, just like Andy, Hagen had written his name on the bottom of his Buzz’s boot.

As soon as Jason saw “Hagen” written on Buzz’s boot, he knew what he had to do. With the help of his co-worker, Beth, Jason learned that only one person named Hagen had traveled on that plane that day. Jason then came up with a plan to send Buzz back home.

An Epic Journey

A week after they arrived at home, the Davis family received an email from Southwest and the ramp worker, Southwest reports. Soon after that, they received a package in the mail.

Buzz Lightyear was inside the box, which was decorated with references to his adventures as a space ranger. Inside the box with Buzz, there were pictures of Buzz exploring the Little Rock airport. There also was a hand-written letter from Buzz himself.

“To Commander Hagen: I am very excited to return to you upon completing my mission,” the note said. “I was able to explore the airport and spaceport in Little Rock, Arkansas, while I was away, and I have included photos of my adventure. My journey has taught me a lot, but I am so thankful to return to my buddy. To Infinity and Beyond, your buddy, Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger.”

Hagen reunited with his Buzz Lightyear action figure.
Southwest Airlines

A Happy Homecoming

On Facebook, Southwest also posted a picture of Hagen welcoming Buzz back home.

“The thought and care he [the Southwest ramp agent] put into getting Hagen his Buzz back when Hagen left him on the plane in Dallas was beyond thoughtful and sweet,” Davis shared on Facebook, The Dallas Morning News article reports. “It will be a memory he has to cherish forever and an incredibly cool story to tell as he gets older.”

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