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Like most of us, I enjoy treats, and when I think about treats, I think of baked goods. Of course, some of the best baked goods come from old-fashioned bakeries. Here in Illinois, we have some amazing bakeries. Some have been around for many years, while others are new but equally wonderful. Here are the Illinois bakeries I have come to love and some of the wonderful treats I have sampled during my visits!

1. Jubelt’s Bakery And Restaurant, Litchfield

Jubelt’s is my favorite bakery of all time! They opened their first bakery in 1929, then in 1959, they opened their only remaining bakery in Litchfield. While they offer cakes, cookies and treats, and homemade breads, the nutty butter is my favorite bakery product! Jubelt’s also offers wonderful meals and has the historic tidbit of being located off Route 66!

For years, I thought Jubelt’s was my best-kept secret until a man I worked for told me, “I have a secret place we will stop on our way south, there is this great bakery in Litchfield ...” Secret or not, Jubelt’s tops my best Illinois bakeries list!

2. The Hawthorn Tree, Carlinville

On the east side of the Carlinville square is the Hawthorn Tree. This is really a coffee shop rather than a bakery, but they have a great bakery selection that is provided by B and K Bakery out of Mt. Olive, Illinois, where the Hawthorn Tree has another store. The bakery items go great with their coffee, hot chocolate, and other drink selections. The store is decorated with a fun, creative vibe, and you can sit and sip your drink or eat your treat. My favorite bakery item is the napoleon.

They also have a small little shop with creative wood designs and products from the Jean Brugger Foundation, which is based in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. According to their website, “the foundation believes that education is the key to alleviating poverty and improving lives. They provide direct scholarships for university students and school supplies for elementary and secondary students in Nicaragua. The products in our shop are hand-made by families of these students and sales help support the effort.”

The Guest House Coffee and Pastries, Lincoln.
Cindy Ladage

3. The Guest House Coffee And Pastries, Lincoln

The Guest House Coffee and Pastries is a relatively new discovery for me! When perusing Christmas decor on the Lincoln square, I spied this fun stop. It didn’t take long for me to order hot chocolate and catch onto their pecan pie bar! Yum. All pastries are made from scratch in house. Pecans are my favorite and this bar was exceptionally good, so I will be going back to try another round soon.

4. Pease’s Fine Candy And Salted Nuts, Springfield

There are a few different Pease’s Fine Candy and Salted Nuts locations in Springfield, Illinois. The first, which I have frequented over the years, is located on Laurel (not far from my favorite pizza place, Gabatoni’s!). This wonderful candy store is locally owned. Pease’s is a 5th-generation candy shop. They offer boxed candies, or you can even buy a few if you prefer. When my kids were little, I could pick up penny candy here and bring home a sack full, and they thought they hit the Motherlode!

Pease’s has been in business for over 75 years, they make all their candy and treats, and they offer salted nuts, too. At the Bunn Pease’s Store, you’ll find baked goods and dining options as well. Pease’s also offers salted nuts, popcorn, gourmet foods, special event candies, and seasonal sweets. During the fall, their caramel apples are one of the favorite seasonal sweets that I would sometimes bring my husband when he was working in the fields.

5. Three Twigs Bakery, Springfield

At Three Twigs Bakery (which will be reopening in April 2021 as a bakery and bistro), you can find pies, cakes, dinner rolls, and more. Busy owners Emily and Tim Lewis offer their baked goods at their two other local businesses as well. Diner Biscuits and Brunch is right next door to Salted Lemon Market and Creamery, where they sell their small-batch ice cream, soft serve, and pastry and locally sourced market items. I haven’t been to the diner or market but plan to change that to pick up one of their delectable cinnamon rolls!

6. Incredibly Delicious, Springfield

Incredibly Delicious is a wonderful bakery/restaurant located on 7th Street in Springfield. This is a great place to enjoy a meal or baked goods. While it is not necessarily a bakery item, I am quite taken with their Avocado Toast! They offer everything from bread to croissants and baked goods!

One of the side benefits to Incredibly Delicious is that it is in a beautiful old house.

Cinnamon rolls, The Confectionery, Inc.
The Confectionery, Inc.

7. The Confectionery, Inc., Morton

Missy Glassmaker, TravelAwaits VP, swears by The Confectionery, Inc. in Morton. She’s shared that “their pecan and almond rolls are so good! We have them at every holiday, and they are always fresh.” she added.

Open since 1976, they are still using their original recipes! This is a bakery I need to add to my list!

8. Myrtle’s Cafe And Pie, Princeton

When in Princeton for an auction, we discovered Myrtles Cafe And Pie and learned about their wonderful pies! We split a coconut pie on our first stop, and on the second I had my own chocolate pie. They offer marvelous soups as well. We learned the owner of the cafe has been making pies since he was 16, and they’re definitely worth a stop!

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