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Do you absolutely love to grill, smoke, and barbecue meats of all kinds? Do your friends and family love your cooking so much that they all call you Grill Master?

If so, the folks at SeriouslySmoked may have your dream job. SeriouslySmoked -- a website that reviews grills and smokers -- is looking for what they call a “Head of Grillovation.”

“We’re so excited to announce our new job opening as Head of Grillovation,” SeriouslySmoked’s management said in a statement. “It’s an incredibly important role, and we’re excited to welcome whoever the lucky candidate is. We’re sure they will have a fantastic time ensuring that America’s barbecue is up to scratch for all the grill lovers out there.”

What They’ll Do

SeriouslySmoked tests grills and smokers and then provides reviews to help readers buy the right equipment. The website also provides cooking guides and recipes. For one month, the Head of Grillovation will help the team test equipment such as grills, smokers, and various utensils.

If that sounds like a blast, just wait -- there’s more. The Head of Grillovation will also test and then report on various cooking methods, including different types of charcoals and “experimenting with marinades.”

Finally, every great grillmaster has some recipes they are proud of and happy to share. The Head of Grillovation will also perfect their favorite family recipe -- and then share it with SeriouslySmoked readers.

A Perfect Fit

OK, so about now, you’re probably thinking, “Lots of people would love this job -- what will set the candidates apart?” That’s a great question, and SeriouslySmoked explains that the ideal candidate will be somebody who is “passionate about all things barbecue,” as well as “enthusiastic about brand new grilling technology.”

The exceptional level of enthusiasm must also be matched with a discerning eye and experience. That way, “if you think that something isn’t up to scratch on the latest grill, you can let your fellow grill enthusiasts know,” SeriouslySmoked said.

Finally, the folks at SeriouslySmoked are also looking for someone with a knack for showmanship. That’s because the Head of Grillovation will learn new cooking techniques, but they will also learn which techniques will impress other grillers.

“You should be able to flip a burger with one hand whilst sipping on an ice-cold drink with the other, so hand-eye coordination is a key skill for this role,” the application form explained.

How To Apply

Think you’re ready to be Head of Grillovation for one month? Applications are being taken now until April 30. The application form can be found here.

Whether you’re named the new Head of Grillovation or not, happy grilling. For more grilling inspiration, read the following: