For the 50+ Traveler

“Honey, do you want to go for a walk?” That simple question makes me stop and think, How much water have I swallowed in the last two hours? I think of myself as someone who’s ready to go out and explore at a moment’s notice, but as I get older, that’s not always the case. I love going for a walk. Some of our best conversations have occurred while we were simply walking the dog. It is the only time when we are not working, dealing with children, grandchildren, parents, life, et cetera.

I love our walks, but spontaneity is now a thing of the past. I need to plan ahead or else I’m running for a spot in the woods. Yes, I’ve needed to go there, and it seems like everywhere else, too. I thought the term GoGo Years referred to being able to travel freely, not having to go frequently.

Whether you’re with your partner or a group of women friends, just out for a walk or on the travel adventure of a lifetime, there always seems to be discussion these days around bathroom breaks. It’s unfortunate that urgent bathroom visits are a more common occurrence as we get a little older, just when we have the time to be able to travel more. Road trip stops have become more frequent and strategically planned; however, if it’s urgent, it can become complicated.

And every health expert will tell you to drink water -- lots of water. Well, what happens after you drink all that water? Hmmm? When you pair all that water intake with urge incontinence or overactive bladder (OAB) something as simple as going for a walk can take forethought and planning. Never mind extended getaway trips, which can seem too complicated or impossible to even consider. Thankfully, Attn: Grace has the perfect solution for traveling confidently. Now you never have to miss out on your next adventure due to bladder leakage.

Girl Talk: My Vermont Inn To Inn Hike

women holding hands hiking

Active adventures and enjoying the great outdoors is good for your emotional, spiritual, physical health, and overall wellness. My gal pals and I recently hiked 44 miles in the scenic Green Mountains over four days. It was a hoot -- girlfriend trips bring the promise of enjoyable bonding experiences. You can read about our adventures in Vermont Inn-to-Inn Experience: Why I Hiked 44 Miles In Four Days here.

While averaging 11 miles each day, you can imagine there was quite a bit of chatter about peeing in the woods. Hiking along a backcountry trail with little or no foot traffic gave us ample opportunity to “take care of business” fairly expeditiously. But that isn’t always the case, it can become a little more complicated if you are traveling as couples, in large groups, or are on a not-so-desolate journey.

While we were hiking, some of us -- I won’t name names -- wore protective urinary incontinence gear, i.e. panty liners and briefs. When you are hiking for 10+ miles, it is imperative to drink lots of water to guard against dehydration. But all that intake comes with output, and location, location, location has everything to do with empty bladder comfort and discrete convenience.

When you travel with a group of girlfriends, uncommon phrases tend to become part of your everyday vernacular. How often have you said, “I better go while I’m here,” “Can we stop, like really soon?” or the ever-popular chant, “I have to pee, I have to pee!”? Watching a smart, successful, and self-assured woman doing the peepee dance is funny and tragic at the same time.

A university professor of food and nutrition was part of our hiking group. Her suggestion was to sip water regularly throughout the day to combat dehydration, an important consideration when hiking all day. Your body will absorb the water and utilize it better than gulping eight ounces all at once.

More On Bladder Leakage In Women

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OAB, according to, ”is caused by urinary muscle spasms. Multiple pregnancies, being overweight, and genetic weaknesses.” Stress incontinence is when you leak a bit when you laugh, cough, sneeze, jog, or lift heavy objects. Stress incontinence doesn't just come with aging, it can be a common issue for younger women too. The muscles around the bladder weaken from weight gain, injury, pregnancies, vaginal childbirth, and menopause.

Studies show at least half of older women may have some form of incontinence. Unexpected peeing, being totally unprepared, can make you feel out of control. It affects your self-esteem and confidence and interrupts enjoyable activities. Urge Incontinence, the sudden urge to pee even if you have just emptied your bladder, is interruptive. Not getting to the bathroom in time can make you avoid enjoyable adventures out of fear of embarrassment or just downright discomfort.

Exercise can help; building a strong pelvic floor with Kegel exercises and pelvic and abdominal strength will help. Drinking less caffeine, which is a natural diuretic, can also help reduce surprise leaks.

Freedom To Travel

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While it may take time to accurately diagnose and treat your incontinence issues, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon all your travel plans or wait until you have it all figured out. How sad would it be to miss all the glorious experiences waiting for you just because you have a little bladder leakage?

With helpful product options, you can still take that walk with the peace of mind that searching for an uninhabited path with a cloaking wooded area is not the only solution. Helpful protection products will give you the freedom to maintain your active lifestyle while being assured you won’t run into any embarrassing situations.

Picture yourself gazing up at the glorious artwork on the Sistine Chapel, confident in your stance and secure in your bladder protection. Isn’t that a far better scenario than dashing through crowds of gawking tourists streaking toward the nearest water closet? That is what Attn: Grace can do for you -- give you the freedom to enjoy your travel agenda while discretely protecting your dignity.

How do we reconcile traveling freely and confidently with incontinence complications? One method we discussed on our hike was reserve pee, and how double voiding before we venture out is key to a successful travel experience. Other successful tactics include drinking only one beverage at breakfast. Try to lower your coffee and tea intake a week or so before your trip to avoid the dreaded withdrawal headache.

If you’re looking for some straight talk about urinary incontinence treatments, visit Attn: Grace’s blog post on Urinary Incontinence Treatments. Learn about what you can do to ease your bladder control issues. And consider the products below, which can be instrumental in helping you take control as they offer confidence and freedom while navigating your personal wellness journey.

What Attn: Grace Is Doing To Help

Attn: Grace Urinary Incontinence Starter Kit products

Attn: Grace’s mission is one we can all support: “to destigmatize aging for women.” We are intelligent, powerful, and confident women who just need a little help to maintain our pride and dignity. Attn: Grace is committed to helping women and our environment with thoughtfully designed, ecologically conscious products that bolster women’s self-esteem and confidence. They are your go-to source for bladder leak protection while taking a hike or venturing out to enjoy a jam-packed itinerary.

Attn: Grace Panty Liners

When you just need a little added security, Attn: Grace’s Panty Liners should be your go-to protection. They have you covered when you may have a light bladder leak. Think getting from your seat to the airplane bathroom. They are perfect for when you need a little something extra while you wait for the “occupied” sign to flip off.

Attn: Grace Pads

For increased protection, like the long Uber or bus ride to the hotel, Attn: Grace’s Pads will give you peace of mind. They come in three different sizes for optimum security and absorption. They’ve got you covered whether it’s just an hour to your hotel or a long stint on the highway with no exits in sight.

Attn: Grace Briefs

For some of us, full-blown, all-out adventures require maximum security, and Attn: Grace’s Briefs will keep you fresh and comfortable when it’s impossible to get to a restroom. When you are on the trip-of-a-lifetime, say an African safari, you don’t want to be wandering around the Serengeti looking for a private spot, particularly if the lions are on the prowl!

Attn: Grace Starter Kits

One or more of the four Attn: Grace Starter Kits could be exactly what you need for your next travel adventure. Attn: Grace offers a starter kit that will be perfect for your getaway. When you pack a combination of kits, you can cover all your urinary incontinence travel needs. The light bundle is perfect for evenings when you are hanging out with the girls and enjoying a good giggle. The Moderate Support Bundle and The Full Support Bundle are perfect for touring, active adventures, and day-long outings. Finally, the Full Support Large Bundle will be your go-to for extended adventures or significant time on the road.

We have finally reached the age when we have the time and the means to travel. We need to utilize every tool we can to make our travel adventures as comfortable and memorable (in a good way) as possible. It’s time to get out and enjoy a simple walk, an extended hike, or your next bucket-list adventure, no more excuses. Wishing you confidently comfortable travels.

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