For the 50+ Traveler

“Growing older is not for wimps.” That’s what Diana’s mom would say when we traveled together over the years. And, she was right. There are all kinds of changes that happen, but no one really wants to discuss them. If women had a more welcoming environment for addressing post-menopausal wellness, topics that still seem to be taboo would be easier to understand and navigate.

That’s why we were so happy to learn about a women-led company that is doing just that, Attn: Grace. The founders are savvy business leaders who are intent on not only making valuable, high-quality products for an underserved market, they’re also paving the way for honest conversations about health and wellness issues, especially for women of a certain age. And, it’s important to us that they also have a strong commitment to sustainability. They continue to move toward making disposable products that are fully compostable and/or recyclable. And at every step in the supply chain, they’ve sought out best-in-class partners who are just as committed as they are to reducing their global footprint and minimizing waste.

What Is Attn: Grace

Attn: Grace founders

When we were young and heard a hilarious joke, the ensuing uncontrollable laughter would sometimes cause one of us to gleefully admit, “I think I peed a little.” What was funny and noteworthy when young takes on a less adorable patina when it happens with greater frequency as we mature and without hysterical laughter. Attn: Grace has created products to manage periods and bladder weakness with dignity and discretion.

Products such as pads, liners, briefs, and wipes are available by individual online purchase or subscription. You can take as much time as you like to curate a selection of products for your own personal needs and have it delivered discreetly to your door, away from prying eyes. Free shipping, free returns, and no hidden fees make ordering a no-brainer for us.

How Attn: Grace Began

We asked a few questions to learn more about the company and its founders, Alex and Mia. Here, we share their responses.

Q: How did you two meet and decide to start this company?

A: Well, we’ve been partners in life for much longer than we’ve been partners in business. Alex and I are married. We have four kids, Alex was a patent attorney, and I started (and recently sold) my own online children’s apparel brand, morgan and milo.

I know it might sound surprising, but the idea for Attn: Grace came from working in and personally living in a world tailored to the values and convenience that parents demand. With young children, every month Alex and I have the rewarding experience of opening our home-delivered subscription of beautifully designed, sustainably-minded baby diapers and related products. And at the same time, in stark contrast, there was my mother -- an incredibly refined, elegant 89-year-old, struggling to manage her bladder leakage with a mix of utilitarian products that in no way matched who she was or what she valued. It all felt really archaic and unevolved, and we felt really strongly that there had to be a better way.

Q: What are the most common reasons women use your products?

A: Well, at the broadest level, women are of course using our products to manage varying degrees of bladder leakage as our soft, 100 percent breathable materials and superior absorbency are game-changing when it comes to avoiding leaks, odor, and irritation. We are leading the way as we look to ensure that women who need these products have solutions that don't involve exposing themselves (and their most sensitive, porous skin) to harsh, harmful chemicals.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing about your journey with the company and its products?

A: On the product side of things, I think the biggest surprise has been how many women describe such a stark difference between us and other brands they’ve tried. While we very intentionally designed our products to be high-performing and body-and-earth friendly, we hadn’t fully realized how much of an immediate positive impact doing so would have on women’s quality of life.

We proudly designed our products to be free of chlorine bleach, synthetic fragrance, dyes, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, latex, lotions, heavy metals, and unnecessary fillers or harsh chemicals. It’s been amazing to so quickly see what a difference clean design can make in our day-to-day lives.

Q: If your company could send a message to the TravelAwaits audience, what would that message be?

A: That we see you and we celebrate you! We’re on a mission to destigmatize aging for women while bringing body-and-earth-friendly solutions to what we affectionately call the “inconvenient truths of aging.” We’re starting with bladder leakage, but as we bet you would all agree, there are a few other inconvenient truths that deserve more thoughtful solutions, too.

So, whether you have bladder leaks or not, we hope you’ll follow along as we tackle taboos in women’s health and wellness and smash silver stereotypes. There really is a better way.

What Attn: Grace Offers

The company’s thoughtful selection of products recognizes that while we may have similar needs, we are all different women. Here’s a closer look.

Attn: Grace Panty Liners

Liners are thin, light, and breathable. They provide protection for those little moments of bladder leakage when you just want to be secure. They’re made of fabulously plant-based, 100 percent breathable materials. With active odor control and no harsh chemicals, they’ll do their job so well you’ll hardly know they’re there.

Attn: Grace Pads

The concept that one size does not fit all is nowhere more present than when it comes to feminine pads. Whether dealing with periods or bladder leaks, each woman is unique and has her own set of needs. Attn: Grace pads directly address this concern by managing everything from quick absorption to substantial flows. Hybrid, moderate, and heavy pad options make it easy to get the protection you need.

Attn: Grace Briefs

Ultra thin, super absorbent, and silky soft, these briefs have a patented design that works with tea leaf extract to naturally protect from leaks and keep odors away. They also use no harsh chemicals so you can be sure to avoid skin irritation while still getting full protection.

Attn: Grace Wipes

Sometimes all you need is a little refreshing bodily pick-me-up. Attn: Grace wipes provide a quick and easy way to freshen up, no muss, no fuss. With over 99 percent purified water and organic botanicals, they cleanse and restore balance without dyes, parabens, sulfates, or any other nasty chemicals.

Attn: Grace Starter Kits

When getting used to your body’s latest needs, it’s hard to know exactly what products are best for you and your lifestyle. Starter kits are a great way to try a couple of things and see what you prefer. Whether you think you want light, moderate, or full support, you can try products out at a low cost to discover what suits you best.

Attn: Grace And Travel Freedom

Sue Reddel & Diana Laskaris

We love traveling and sharing our travels with those we love. We previously wrote about our huge trip of a lifetime with Diana’s mom, Nancy, to Beijing. It came with a variety of challenges particular to the needs of traveling with an elderly woman. Learning to adjust your own agenda and expectations to meet the needs of someone who is challenged by getting around is an act of love and a learning experience itself.

But the rewards are so worthwhile. We didn’t cover as much territory as we might have liked, or go to as many attractions as we wanted. But we did do an awful lot and all of it while ensuring that an 80-year-old who was hell-bent on seeing everything she’d dreamt about since she was a child was comfortable as she explored and would not be disappointed.

We took our time walking and had fun along the way. We did our best to be kind and considerate while acknowledging that, as we age, we add health and wellness concerns, many of which we have no desire to share. Frequent bathroom breaks and nighttime rituals are just part of the plan. Attn: Grace products can ease the burden and provide privacy and dignity when we need to attend to ourselves.

When Nancy was flagging, it was up to us to steer her to take a load off or grab a drink. When we saw her color get pale or heard her speech slow, one of us would suddenly develop an urgent need for something sweet to eat and a break. Even so, at the end of every day, we had made many memories to recount and we giggled like three little girls at sleepaway camp. And happily exhausted, she told us later that she slept better on our trip than she did at home. What a wonderful feeling to have shared that kind of journey with her.

Fabulous Femininity

Getting older is not for wimps. Attn: Grace wants to normalize the honest experience that is life as we age and shatter antiquated notions of what’s relevant to an “older woman.” They have big plans for expanding the discussion online in a Facebook community and through their Normalize This content series. With thoughtful, responsible, high-quality products and a desire to demystify and de-stigmatize the needs that we women encounter as we age, Attn: Grace is already helping us retain our fabulous femininity at every age.

Special Offer

Attn: Grace wants to provide TravelAwaits readers with a special offer: 10 percent off their first purchase with Attn: Grace. Use code TRAVEL10 to apply your discount at checkout.