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This year is at its end, and here at TravelAwaits, we could not be more grateful to celebrate the coming of a new year. Like most, you may not have been able to get out and travel to your heart's desire this year, but our team of travel experts didn't sit idly by during their travel sabbaticals. In fact, many became "locked down" away from home all over the globe. This year they shared heartwarming tales of completing life-long travel goals, relived the tales of following in their ancestors' footsteps, and in general imparted their collective experience with you, our readers. These are our writer's most popular stories of travel inspiration from 2020 to get your wanderlust in full swing for 2021.

The skyline of old town Porto, Portugal.

How Portugal Stole Our Hearts

Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris have traveled all over the world together and have shared many memorable adventures. Then they visited the small coastal European country of Portugal and they found themselves in love with the beauty and charm it offered. Here is the tale of how Portugal stole Sue and Diana's hearts.

Business class seats on an airplane

I Finally Flew Business Class On An International Flight, But I Wouldn’t Do It Again

Ruth Murdoch, a native of New Zealand, always wanted to fly business class and even considered it a bucket-list item. Read Ruth's story of flying business class on an international flight for the first time, and why she would never do it again.

Ellis Island in New York City, New York.

How I Discovered More Than My Roots On Ellis Island

Joe Cuhaj -- like many others from New Jersey -- made regular trips to Ellis Island as a student during annual field trips. It wasn't until more recently, when he was able to thoroughly explore the "Isle of Hope" as an adult, that he learned to truly appreciate the rich history of the small NYC island. Read Joe's story of how he discovered more than just his roots on Ellis Island.

Mike Owens in front of the Red Bus he drives
Mike Owens

Why I Spend My Summers As A Glacier Red Bus Driver

Mike Owens doesn't live in Montana, but that doesn't stop him from returning each summer to enjoy its natural beauty as a tour guide in serene Glacier National Park. Mike shared with us why he leaves his home in St. Louis behind each summer to work as a Glacier Red Bus driver.

Nadine and friend eating
Nadine Cresswell-Myatt

Doing These 5 Things Gave Me The Confidence To Travel Solo Over 50

Nadine Cresswell-Myatt was no stranger to travel, but for the majority of her life, travel consisted of trips with her kids. As she became an empty nester, the thought of traveling solo was a challenge that she wanted to overcome. Nadine shares the five things that gave her the confidence to travel solo after she turned 50.

The writer in Antarctica.

These Are My 3 Favorite Places To Visit On Every Continent

Traveling to all seven continents can be a daunting task, but it’s one that Sue Davies pushed hard for. Though her lifelong dream to celebrate her 50th birthday in Antarctica was delayed, she did finally arrive, albeit at the age of 56. This left only Australia to conquer on her seven continent journey -- and she spent time there within the past year. Sue shares her three favorite places on each continent to remind us all that it is never too late to achieve our goals.

Sharon's father in uniform
Sharon Odegaard

How I Traced My Family's World War II History

World War II was a conflict that left no part of the world untouched. While the majority of the fighting occurred in Europe and the Pacific, the impact was felt across the globe. Sharon Odegaard shares her experiences of reliving some of the harrowing events of this global crisis as she traced her father's path through Europe during his time in the war.

The writer on a trip to Jordan.

The World As I See It: Joys And Challenges Of Traveling While Blind

Penny Zibula has never let her inability to physically see the world around her hinder her imagination or wanderlust. Join Penny as she shares her experiences -- both the joys along with the challenges -- of traveling while blind.

Views along the Vermont Inn-to-Inn Walking Tour.

Vermont Inn-To-Inn Experience: Why I Hiked 44 Miles In Four Days

There is likely no better way to truly experience the culture and feel of a location than taking a walking tour. Sandi Barrett knows this feeling well as she undertook Vermont's "Inn-to-Inn" walking tour which found her traveling over 40 miles by foot in four days as she journeyed from one inn to another. Sandi shares her Inn-to-Inn experience and explains why she chose this slow and steady immersion into Vermont culture.

Train running through the Canadian Rockies

Adventures In Travel: Why I Loved The Worst Sleep Of My Life

Through a series of unfortunate events, Nadine Cresswell-Myatt's original plans for a cross-country train trip through the Canadian Rockies did not turn out as initially planned. Nadine explains how this led to the worst sleep of her life -- and why she loved it.

The Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway.
Ruth Murdoch

I Finally Saw The Aurora Borealis, But It Wasn’t What I Expected

For many, the chance to nab even a quick glance at the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for Ruth Murdoch, this was certainly the case. Ruth shares her story of how she finally saw the aurora borealis and explains why it wasn't what she expected.

If you enjoyed these stories, click here for even more stories of inspiration to fuel your wanderlust. You may just learn something from our writers and how their experiences have shaped their understanding of the world around them. You never know -- one of their experiences might just set you down your own path of self-discovery. We hope that 2021 presents you with more happiness and fewer challenges than 2020: Auld Lang Syne!