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Hallmark Christmas movies have become a true holiday tradition for many of us, announcing the arrival of the season and providing hours of entertainment throughout. The movies are usually set in quaint small towns, reminding us of simpler times. Although we may laugh at the typical storybook happy endings, they warm our jaded hearts and transport us back to childhood memories believing in true love stories. Let yourself get lost in the magic the holiday season brings and check out our collection of towns that feel like authentic Hallmark Christmas movie locations, plus those that have been featured in many of these classics.

10 Pennsylvania Towns That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

Pennsylvania town during winter

Did you know Pennsylvania is home to the Christmas Tree Capital Of The World? We selected this charming collection of towns for the scenery and decorations, friendliness, community participation, and Christmas cheer. Each town has a proud history of warm holiday celebrations against a backdrop of an authentic small town. Read more about these adorable Pennsylvania towns here.

11 Colorado Towns That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

The snow-covered Rocky Mountains in Colorado offer such a picturesque backdrop, it is easy to see how many of these adorable towns could fit the Hallmark Christmas movie theme. While it was difficult to narrow our top picks, these 11 towns were selected based on their holiday spirit, dazzling decorations, beautiful scenery, and the overall congenial community feels. Read more about these Colorado towns here.

10 West Virginia Towns That Feel Like You're In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

To steal a few words from John Denver, "Almost heaven, West Virginia," this state encompasses the authentic country spirit. Each of these small towns instantly delights residents and visitors, especially during the holiday season, through its proud community feel. Idyllic Christmas decor fills the towns, and many offer horsedrawn carriage rides to experience their charm. Read more about these Hallmark-esque towns in West Virginia.

6 Quebec Destinations That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Movie

Quebec snow-covered street

Quebec is Canada's largest province and home to many bustling cities as well as charming small towns set against stunning landscapes. Its nickname is La Belle Province, which means The Beautiful Province, and it fully lives up to the paradisal name. Read more about these romantic locations throughout Quebec, perfectly designed for the next Hallmark Christmas movie setting.

11 Reasons To Visit The Adorable Town Where Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Filmed

This tiny Canadian town has actually been featured in over a dozen movie productions, and one glance through the photos makes it easy to see why. Picture-perfect backdrops and heartwarming scenery are the norms in Almonte, Ontario. Read more about this authentic Hallmark Christmas movie town and take a virtual visit to many familiar featured backgrounds.

12 Reasons To Visit This Charming European City Where Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Filmed

snow-covered castle in Bucharest, Romania

Although the majority of the Hallmark Christmas movie collection is filmed in Canadian locations, this grand city in Romania has hosted many of the royal-themed movies. Complete with captivating countrysides, historical castles, and cobblestone roads throughout medieval towns, Bucharest and its surrounds are the ideal settings for these holiday love stories. Read more about what makes Bucharest a Hallmark Christmas favorite and check out some of the most popular filming locations!