For the 50+ Traveler

The Queen’s Gambit has captured the imaginations of viewers in recent weeks as chess prodigy Beth Harmon travels the globe in her quest for championships. But fans interested in finding the locations where the Netflix series takes place might be surprised where their journey will take them.

That orphanage in Kentucky? That’s really a castle in Berlin. That hotel in Paris? Berlin. The triumphant walk through the park in Moscow? You guessed it. Berlin.

In fact, nearly the entire series was filmed in Berlin, with a few exterior shots in Ontario, Canada, to give a more American feel to her home in Lexington, Kentucky.

Those wanting to see the actual filming locations need to work their way around Berlin like a piece on a chessboard. Some of the locales to visit include:

The Haus Cumberland in Berlin.

The Haus Cumberland

Originally built as a hotel in 1911, Haus Cumberland once housed several government administrations but now features residential apartments and retail space, including a pet store. Located on famed Kurfurstendamm Avenue, it is used in The Queen’s Gambit as the Paris hotel where Beth faces off against Russian master Vasily Borgov.

Schulzendorf Castle outside of Berlin.

Schulzendorf Castle

Built in 1889 in the Brandenburg District outside of Berlin, this old manor serves as the Kentucky orphanage where Elizabeth and Jolene grew up.

Humana Secondhand And Vintage Kaufhaus in Berlin.

Humana Secondhand And Vintage Kaufhaus

This vintage clothing store is located in the Samariter Quarter of Berlin and is open for business. Very little about the store was changed for the mini-series, except for the products on the shelves and racks, as the store became Ben Snyder’s, the Kentucky department store where Elizabeth and her mother would shop.

Spandau Town Hall in Berlin.

Spandau Town Hall

Built in 1910 and the location of a recording studio used by David Bowie, among others, this home to chamber music on the western end of Berlin serves as the Cincinnati hotel where Elizabeth travels for her first big chess tournament.

Palais Am Funkturm

This building features the largest ballroom in Berlin and was built in 1956, making it the perfect substitute for the fictional Hotel Mariposa, the Las Vegas location of Elizabeth’s first U.S. Open. The main addition for the series were palm trees added to give a desert feel.

Friedrichstadt Palace in Berlin.

Friedrichstadt Palace

Home to what organizers proclaim is the world’s largest theater stage, this venue in Berlin-Mitte is the location of the fictional Aztec Palace Hotel in Mexico City where Beth’s life takes a dramatic change.

Baerensaal, Berlin's old City Hall.


Also known as the Bear Chamber, Baerensaal is in Berlin’s old City Hall. The 110-year-old building features 60-foot ceilings and serves as the location of the climactic tournament in Moscow.

Kino International’s Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Kino International’s Panorama Bar

This might not seem like your regular movie theater snack bar, but that is precisely what it is. In The Queen’s Gambit, this Berlin attraction serves as the restaurant where Beth unwinds between matches in Moscow.

Rosengarten Karl Marx Allee in Berlin.

The Rose Garden

This park on Karl-Marx-Allee in the heart of Berlin serves as the Moscow park where Beth ends up at the end of the series. It is the most accessible filming location fans can find, along with the Berlin Zoo, which is used in place of the Mexico City Zoo in the show.