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As the holiday season continues with Hanukkah officially underway and Christmas in less than a fortnight, at TravelAwaits our goal is to gift our readers with the experience of exploring new places and trying new things. We hope that this week's most popular travel stories are just such a gift for you.

The Top Five National Parks You Must Visit, According To RVers

An RV on a road in Zion National Park.

This year has made the need to socially distance a must, and where better to enjoy some distance from others than the great outdoors? RVing became an excellent means of ensuring safe travel this year, and many RV newbs got behind the wheel for the first time. Read more to learn which five National Parks RVers picked as their favorites.

11 Colorado Towns That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

Christmas lights on a snowy night in Aspen, Colorado.

Hallmark movies are a staple of the holiday season for many households, often running in the background as families go about their days, while others watch intently and enjoy the yuletide cheer in a way that only Hallmark can create. If you are a fan, you will love these 11 Colorado towns that make you feel like you’re in a Hallmark Christmas Movie. See if your favorite snow-covered haven made the list, and then take a look at our lists for both West Virginia and Pennsylvania as well!

7 Beautiful Waterfalls To Explore In Arizona After You’ve Seen Havasupai Falls

Grand Falls in the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

Arizona is not known for its waterfalls, as many associate this southwestern state with cacti and deserts. However, in addition to the stunning Havasupai Falls located within the even more captivating Grand Canyon, Arizona is home to numerous colorful cascades calling out for your attention. Read more about these 7 beautiful waterfalls that you can explore in Arizona after you’ve seen Havasupai Falls.

6 Reasons Nude Vacations Are Becoming More Popular

A man enjoying a "nakation" at a hotel.
Chris Moore

If you have never enjoyed a nakation, you would not be alone, but there are many others who jump at the chance to enjoy a little rest and relaxation without the hindrance of clothing. If the thought of enjoying a clothing-optional getaway interests you, here are 6 reasons that nude vacations are becoming more and more popular.

Our 5 Favorite Escapes From New York City

Buildings in quaint Saratoga Springs, New York.

Where do those that call NYC home go when they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city? Where can they trade their subways and skyscrapers for rolling hills and the beautiful outdoors? Here are one of our writer's five favorite places to escape to from NYC.

6 Most Gay-Friendly Destinations In Europe

Canal views in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

LGBTQ travelers have been welcomed with open arms by many Central European countries in recent years. Many have burgeoning gay communities where travelers can feel safe while abroad. If you are looking for an inclusive experience, read more about our picks for the most gay-friendly destinations in Europe.

Three Big Events Happening In The Sky This Month

Meteors in the night sky behind an illuminated blue tent

If gazing up into the vastness of the heavens is something you enjoy, starting tomorrow, you are in for a treat as this month is packed with multiple cosmic observations for your viewing pleasure. Read more about three big events happening in the sky this month.

Why You Must Add A Costa Rica Vacation To Your Travel List

A tropical beach in Costa Rica.

From sandy beaches to rainforests teaming with wildlife, Costa Rica has a lot to experience even if it is not the largest country in Central America. Read why one writer believes you should add Costa Rica to your travel list.

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