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A week from today, I have an appointment with my optometrist, who I’ve been seeing for years and absolutely love. She runs a clean and friendly office and is one of those doctors who takes you seriously and makes sometimes daunting problems (like eye problems -- of which I’ve had a few) less so. Oh, and her office is just a few blocks from my house, meaning I can walk there. The only downside? I’ve never really taken to the selection of frames she carries. And while I wear contacts a lot, I am very particular about my eyeglasses. I like a certain look and feel, and I’ve never found just the right pair in her office. Truth be told, I’ve had new lenses put in the same frames (purchased elsewhere) year after year. Of course, I’m rushing in for a December appointment so I can use my insurance benefit before the end of 2020. Maybe it’s time for new frames, too.

But where to begin? I’m in no mood to be visiting other optometrists’ offices or going from one big box or mall store to another on the hunt for the perfect pair. And frankly, I’ve been wary of the hip and trendy eyeglass companies I’ve seen advertised on TV and social media.

Enter Yesglasses, a Better Business Bureau-accredited online eyeglass retailer with a huge selection of frames and a shopping experience people are raving about. Their 100 percent online business saves shoppers money on stylish frames with high-quality (think anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and anti-static, single vision, Flat To Bifocal, Freeform, and blue light blocking) lenses, all of which have built-in 100 percent UV protection. Yesglasses even offers tinted, gradient, mirrored, and polarized prescription sunglasses!

A pair of stylish prescription glasses from Yesglasses.

How Yesglasses Works

First things first: Yesglasses recommends scheduling an appointment with your optometrist or finding an eye doctor through Zocdoc. You’ll need to have a regular eye exam to get your lens prescription. During your appointment, you can also request your PD, or pupillary distance -- that is, the distance between the centers of your pupils, which can be measured by your optometrist or an optician. You’ll need both these pieces of information (prescription and PD) in order to place a Yesglasses order.

If you already have a current prescription and PD measurement (or are comfortable using Yesglasses’ custom PD Measurement Tool), you can call your eye doctor’s office to request that information before placing your Yesglasses order. Note that to use Yesglasses’ PD Measurement Tool, you’ll have to take a photo of yourself (or have someone take one for you) while holding a credit, debit, or gift card with a magnetic stripe up to your face. This gives the tool a point of reference for calculating an accurate measurement.

Once you have your prescription and PD, it’s time to shop. Yesglasses offers hundreds of frames, plus a fun-to-play-with Try On feature that lets you upload and crop a photo of yourself (enter your PD when prompted if you know it for the best virtual fit) then see a mockup of how your intended pair of Yesglasses might look on your face.

Odds are, you’re going to sink some time into “trying on” a lot of Yesglasses frames. Rejoice that you are doing this from the safety and comfort of your own home -- and be prepared for some of the laughs you might have had trying on a not-so-flattering pair or two at the eye doctor’s office.

Note that during the buying process, you will have the option to specify your lens type or order frames without prescription lenses. You can also order sunglass and light-adaptive lenses in any frame you choose. Yesglasses does not sell lenses separately.

Yesglasses does not work directly with insurance companies, but you can use your HSA to pay for your prescription Yesglasses, and you can submit your Yesglasses bill for insurance reimbursement.

Stylish prescription glasses from Yesglasses.

Our Favorite Yesglasses

Yesglasses initially piqued my interest as I thought about purchasing a new pair of everyday wear glasses for 2021, but after spending time on their well-designed and easy-to-use site, it’s clear that they’re a great option for prescription sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses as well. Since I like to wear my contacts most workdays (and spend hours in front of the computer), blue light blocking glasses definitely interest me, and for days and activities when I want to get outside and not be bothered by my contacts, a pair of prescription sunglasses, which I haven’t had in years, would be fantastic. Yesglasses’ affordability makes investing in these essentials seem not so far off. Here are our favorite picks across the board.

Note that I prefer glasses without nose pads, but Yesglasses does have many nose pad options; I’ve included a few in the sunglass and blue light blocking sections. All our picks come with 1.61 High-Index lenses, free fast delivery (in 3 to 9 days) and returns, and Yesglasses’ 100 percent fit guarantee.

Stylish prescription glasses from Yesglasses.

Everyday Prescription Yesglasses

Many moons ago, I sat on my favorite-ever pair of glasses while enjoying the sunshine and coastal breeze on Cape Cod. Needless to say, I left that beach day with mixed feelings -- and spent the rest of that East Coast vacation with a paperclip holding my glasses together. It wasn’t as discrete as I pretended it was, but I survived. And I’ve been looking for similar frames ever since. For that reason, my top pick is Yesglasses’ Vigor frame in black:

Yesglasses' Vigor frame in black.

I appreciate the simplicity and the not-too-big, not-too-small lens size of these keyhole bridge square eyeglasses.

A close runner up for everyday eyeglasses: these matte tortoise horn-rimmed hipster beauties. I wear tortoiseshell glasses right now (Remember those frames I told you I keep getting new lenses put in year after year?) and they really do go with everything.

Stylish prescription sunglasses from Yesglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses

The plot is about to thicken, friends, because there’s another layer to the story of the frames I just keep wearing: I originally got them as prescription sunglasses. And I liked them so much that when I got a new prescription a few years later, I decided to have everyday, non-tinted lenses put in them. No regrets, but they are looking a smidge worse for the wear having received so much love. What I can attest to is how wonderful it was when they were sunglasses, and that I regularly tell my husband, “We need to get prescription sunglasses!” Here are our favorite Yesglasses prescription sunglass picks.

If you’re going to commit to prescription sunglasses, why not get a pair that really says, “I’m on vacation”? That’s exactly what these floral tortoise retro-vintage cat-eye glasses declare. They have a resort wear vibe that has me wanting to be by the pool or on the beach ASAP. And they’re available in both gradient and polarized options.

Equally fun: these polarized wooden wayfarer geek-chic keyhole bridge sunglasses. All the colors look great, and they’ll go with any style.

I promised some glasses with nose pads would make my list, and these have earned their spot. Yesglasses’ gunmetal grandpa oversized geometric polarized sunglasses have a sharp and discerning look that says, “Work hard, play hard.”

Last but not least in the sunglasses category: the polarized Richard, which I think are particularly attractive in red. Again, these sunglasses have nose pads for a more secure, customizable fit.

Learn more about the benefits of polarized lenses by scrolling to the bottom of Yesglasses’ polarized sunglasses page or selecting the BENEFITS OF POLARIZED LENSES dropdown on any polarized Yesglasses’ individual page.

Stylish blue light blocking glasses from Yesglasses.

Blue Light Blocking Yesglasses

Given all my screen time, my optometrist recommended blue light blocking technology the last time I replaced my lenses. I went for it and haven’t looked back, but I don’t wear my glasses every day, so my eyes aren’t as protected as they could be.

For folks who don’t need to wear glasses or choose to wear contacts, blue light blocking glasses, sans prescription, could be a good option for mitigating the potential damage caused by screen time. You can learn more about blue light and how blue light glasses work here, and read on for our favorite blue light blocking Yesglasses picks.

More tortoiseshell! Surprise! I couldn’t help myself -- these Iris Apfel-esque Bloom blue light blocking glasses had to make it onto our list. They also come in a transparent pearl pink (with sparkles!) that have a bit of an Elton John vibe.

The Wall and gold metal oval blue light blocking glasses from Yesglasses.

For something a little more understated, the Wall blue light blocking glasses in gunmetal are a bit more masculine, while these gold metal oval rimless blue light blocking glasses with touches of ocean blue on the temple tips are a bit more feminine looking. Both of these pairs have nose pads.

More On Yesglasses Commitment To Quality Eyewear And Customer Service

In addition to offering stylish and affordable eyewear, Yesglasses hires and trains passionate technicians who are familiar with the world of high-end eyewear. Many of their frames are available for everyday prescription lens wear or with sunglass or blue light blocking lenses, so if you find a pair you like, check the options and dropdown menus on their webpage. Yesglasses’ quality guarantee means you can return your glasses for 14 days and enjoy customer care for any pair you purchase and choose to keep for a full year. Yesglasses’ promise: “If you're not 100% satisfied with our products or service, you will be able to get your money back.” Who knows? You could be wearing a pair of Yesglasses frames for years to come or enjoying Yesglasses sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses wherever you go!