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It’s Cookie Monster’s favorite day of the year.

Nothing can warm up a cold December day like a delicious, warm cookie. And if there’s a perfect day to experience those sweet flavors, it’s today on National Cookie Day.

The day is being celebrated all across the country, including on Twitter, where #NationalCookieDay is among the top trending topics. The hashtag is filled with recipes and ideas to whet your appetite.

Disney has jumped into the day with open arms, with the company’s chefs from around the world sharing some of their favorite recipes on the Disney blog. And they run the gamut.

Start with classic shortbread cookies in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and go all the way to the pumpkin-cookie ice cream sandwich available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Recipes are available for each of the selections, so you can try your hand at a traditional chocolate chip cookie with a twist from Disneyland Paris that includes dried fruit, pecans, and a chocolate drizzle.

Or maybe you’re daring and want to tackle the Spaceship Earth cookies with salted caramel ganache? The photo makes it look simple, but this is one for those with advanced baking skills.

And don’t get me started on the Belle’s Enchanted Christmas Tree cookie. If macarons weren’t tough enough to make, this requires three different cookie sizes to stack, as well as preparing a cranberry buttercream and cranberry-orange white chocolate ganache.

Photos of all the possibilities can be found on the blog, along with a recipe for each. At a time when most of us are staying home, baking might be the perfect outlet.

And if the Disney recipes are a little too much to take on, you can always go for the simple but unbeatable chocolate chip cookie. It’s a treasure worth remembering on National Cookie Day, and a chance to honor Ruth Graves Wakefield. She ran the Toll House Restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts, where she created the first known chocolate chip cookie in 1937.

We’re forever grateful, Ms. Wakefield. And so is Cookie Monster.

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