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Here at TravelAwaits, our writers are staying busy sharing their personal experiences and pro tips for best experiencing all that the world around us has to offer. This week, take a journey from the canyons and Devil's Bridge in Arizona to the best holiday lights of Europe, and then discover the answers to your burning questions about being a naturist that you’ve always been too afraid to ask.

7 Amazing Canyons To Explore In Arizona After You’ve Seen The Grand Canyon

Canyon De Chelly in Arizona

Arizona isn't called The Grand Canyon State for no reason: As a natural wonder of the world, no other place on Earth quite compares to one of the state's main tourist attractions. However, Arizona's beauty extends beyond the rims of the Grand Canyon, so read more about these 7 amazing Arizona canyons to explore AFTER you've seen the Grand Canyon.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Naturist But Were Afraid To Ask

Naturists enjoying a canoe ride.
Chris Moore

Naturism may not be a topic of conversation that comes up often in your household, but that doesn't mean that you should be afraid to learn more about a growing segment of the travel industry. Chris Moore has answered your questions -- as well as some you didn't know to ask -- to pique your interest in the fascinating world of naturists: read more!

The Most Beautiful Christmas Lights Displays In Europe

Vienna, Austria at Christmas

Europe is an in-demand travel destination, welcoming visitors to explore the depths of the continent's rich history and modern flair. At Christmas, Europeans pull out all of the stops and transform their beautiful cities into winter wonderlands. Put these cities on your bucket list to enjoy the most beautiful Christmas light displays in all of Europe.

10 West Virginia Towns That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

A horse-drawn carriage ride in White Sulphur Springs.

If you are a Hallmark Christmas movie fan, then you may want to consider letting these country roads take you home to the place you truly belong: West Virginia around the holidays. These charming towns exude Christmas spirit and will certainly jumpstart your holiday excitement. Read to learn more about these 10 West Virginia towns that will make you feel like you stepped onto the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie!

Exploring New Mexico’s Alien Throne In The Valley Of Dreams

Alien Throne in New Mexico

You have to see this other-worldly feature for yourself to truly grasp the uniqueness of this New Mexican feature. To learn more about where this stunning rock formation is and how it formed, read more about how to explore the Alien Throne that resides in the Valley of Dreams.

10 Things To Know Before Exploring Jacob’s Well

Jacob's Well, Texas Hill Country

Once summer rolls back around, and the heat returns in full force, you will want to visit Jacob's Well in Texas Hill Country for a refreshing dip into the fresh spring water issuing from 140 feet below. You won't want to miss these 10 things to know before exploring Jacob's Well.

10 Actions That Will Get You Banned From Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle, Disney World

The Most Magical Place On Earth is magical because of the rigorous structure and time put in to ensure that guests have the time of their lives while visiting the park. If you choose to break Disney's rules, you might just find yourself being removed from the park, or banned altogether. Carefully study these 10 actions that will get you banned from Walt Disney World, and make sure to avoid them during your next trip.

The Hawaiian Island That Is Opting Out Of Hawaii’s COVID Pre-Testing Program

The beautiful landscape of Kauai, Hawaii.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, one Hawaiian island is cracking down to help stop the spread amongst its residents. Click here to learn which island is currently opting out of Hawaii’s COVID pre-testing program, making it much harder to visit.

9 Things You Must Know Before Hiking Devil’s Bridge In Sedona

Devil's Bridge, Sedona, AZ

Devil's Bridge sits near the beautiful city of Sedona, Arizona, and provides a unique and jaw-dropping hiking experience. Before lacing up your boots, here are 9 things you must know before hiking Devil’s Bridge.

9 Best Colorado Ski Resorts For Every Level And Interest

Telluride, Colorado

The Colorado slopes have something to offer for all experience levels, so those that have never skied shouldn't avoid the Rockies because they are afraid of the unknown. Read more about the 9 best Colorado ski resorts for every level and interest, from novice to expert and everything in between.

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