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Revealing The Secret Behind Covao Dos Conchos

Covao Dos Conchos in Portugal

This unique water feature in Western Europe is not a portal waiting to pull you into the underworld, though it may give off that vibe at first glance. Read more on this mesmerizing location and learn where to discover its beauty for yourself!

The Best Things To Experience In Edinburgh After Seeing The Castle

Edinburgh skyline

Scotland's capital is a magnificent blend of ancient history and modern flair. With easy access by air, rail, boat, or road, Edinburgh is closer than you might think. While a must-see, don't let exploring Edinburgh Castle keep you from everything else that this enchanting city has to offer; make time for these other great attractions and experiences as well.

How To Spend A Perfect Long Weekend In Gorgeous Moab, Utah

The Three Gossips at Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.

This gem in eastern Utah is overflowing with natural rugged beauty formed over centuries by wind and water slowly changing the landscape, leaving behind the canyons, arches, hoodoos, and monuments that have left all that view them in awe. Read our writer's suggestions for the best way to spend a long weekend in this remote oasis.

How To Spend A Perfect Winter Day In Estes Park

Aerial view of Estes Park, Colorado, during winter.

Estes Park serves as a gateway to nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and is a lovely location to visit and explore year-round. Winter is a magical time in this picturesque mountain town, and you won't want to miss out on the uniquely seasonal experiences at your disposal. Here are our choices for the best experiences while visiting Estes Park in the winter.

9 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Along California’s Coast

A dog at the Pasea Hotel and Spa in Huntington Beach, California.

Traveling does not have to mean time away from your furry best friend, as it can often be less expensive -- and quite possibly less stressful -- to bring them along for the ride. If you are planning a drive along California's coast, consider one of these purrfect pet-friendly hotels to ensure you and your fur baby don't have to spend one minute apart.

The Best Things To Do In St. Augustine, Plus Where To Eat And Stay

Downtown St. Augustine, Florida.

If you haven't considered St. Augustine, Florida, for your next adventure, make sure to add it to your list. Rich in history and beautiful architecture, this Spanish settlement is perfect for the mature traveler looking to relax by the seashore and soak in the laid-back Southern charm. Here are our suggestions for the best things St. Augustine has to offer, including where to eat and stay.

5 Beautiful Lakeside Resorts In Arkansas

The Mountain Harbor Resort on the shores of Alabama's Lake Ouachita.

Arkansas is known as The Natural State for a reason, and it's a shame that more travelers don't experience this for themselves. The outdoor enthusiast will feel right at home in the rolling hills, hot springs, and gorgeous lakes just waiting to be explored. Consider our five beautiful lakeside resort picks for your next Arkansas getaway.

The Best Things To Do In Breckenridge, Colorado During The Winter

Aerial view of Breckenridge, Colorado, during winter.

Breckenridge is known as a top-notch ski destination, so it is no stretch to say that winter is the perfect time to visit this cozy town. You won't want to miss our picks for the best things to do in Breckenridge during the winter.

The Best Ski Resorts In Europe For Every Level

Skiers in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

If you live in Europe or fancy a trip across the pond for your next ski excursion, the geography and climate of Europe provide ideal conditions for fun on the slopes with an astounding 3,771 ski resorts across 30 countries. Read on to see our top seven ski resort picks in Europe to consider for your next alpine adventure.

10 Pennsylvania Towns That Feel Like You’re In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

Winter in the quaint town of Lititz, Pennsylvania.

If simply watching Hallmark Christmas movies is no longer enough for you, an immersion experience might be right up your alley. These Pennsylvania towns will make you feel like you are walking onto the set of a Hallmark movie still in production. Read more on these charming Pennsylvania towns that feel like you're in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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