For the 50+ Traveler

Looking for a Christmas gift for the traveler in your life who has everything? How about private jet service for a year?

Yes, among the aisles of bulk paper towels and cases of soda, Costco members can now purchase one year of private flights through Wheels Up. The service doesn’t come cheap, however, carrying a price tag of $17,500.

The price covers a one-year core membership -- the second of four levels available -- with Wheels Up, a $4,000 flight credit, and a $3,500 Costco shop card, among other perks.

Keep in mind the fee only gives you access to Wheels Up’s private jets. Each trip you book with them must still be paid for.

Wheels Up has more than 9,000 members with access to its fleet of nearly 300 private aircraft and 1,250 partner aircraft. Members are guaranteed access to flights 365 days a year with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

Wheels Up members can fly privately or share planes with other members headed to similar destinations.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country, Wheels Up launched Safe Passage, an extensive program to ensure the safety of its passengers and crew.

"Since our inception, Wheels Up has been built on a commitment to safety," CEO Kenny Dichter said in a release announcing the program in September. “Safe Passage is a tip to tail approach for maintaining a safe work and safe travel environment.” Looking for a more moderately priced gift? Consult our official 2020 gift guides (and don’t miss these eight fantastic French food gifts perfect for a gourmet -- no jetsetting required)!