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ViGrace Winter Knitted Convertible Wool Mittens

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These wildly popular convertible mittens have nearly 3,000 reviews backing their average 4.4 star rating. They feature a thick knitted wool-and-acrylic blend, longer-than-average cuffs, and a mitten flap that pulls up over the fingerless glove construction, which means these really function as mittens and gloves in one.

Reviewers appreciate the interior lining -- a second layer that extends through the cuff -- noting that it helps keep their hands really warm. Of course, these mittens make cell phone use easy; simply free your fingers from the mitten flaps and tap away. Note, however, that you won’t be able to use your thumbs to text as the mittens’ thumbs do not have flaps.

These mittens come in four colors (gray, light gray, beige, and black) and do have a pigskin leather palm patch, which may be a deterrent for some buyers. They’re also one-size-fits-most, and numerous buyers say they’re either too big or too small for their hands. Other buyers have reported that the Velcro patches that hold the mitten flaps back when you want to wear them as gloves aren’t attached well and may require mending.

Key Features

  • Available in 1 size and 4 colors
  • Wool + acrylic blend
  • Pigskin palm patch


  • Brand: ViGrace
  • Sizes: One size fits most
  • Materials: Wool, acrylic, pigskin


  • Lined for extra warmth
  • Convertible: blends the benefits of mittens with the freedom of fingerless gloves


  • Single size option may be too small or too large
  • No thumb flaps
  • Velcro isn’t well secured

Hot Shot Ragg Wool Pop Top Fingerless Glove

Honorable Mention
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Our honorable mention choice, Hot Shot’s Ragg wool pop top fingerless gloves, are just as much mittens as our top pick. Like ViGrace’s convertible wool mittens, they leverage an acrylic-wool blend, are fully lined, and have a leather palm patch. Unlike the ViGrace gloves, the palm patch is dotted with silicone to ensure an extra-secure grip. Over 1,300 Amazon reviewers have given them a 4.5 average star rating, and folks call them very warm, cozy, and functional.

Unfortunately for those who like to really protect their wrists against the cold, these gloves’ cuffs aren’t as long as the ViGrace gloves’ cuffs, which fold over or can be unfolded for extra length.

These mittens come in one size and one color: oatmeal. They’re specifically marketed toward hunters, and Hot Shot, a dedicated hunting outfitter, says all their gear comes “equipped with the best tech out there to ensure every adventure is safe and comfortable.”

Unfortunately, numerous reviewers note that the one-size-fits-most option isn’t well suited to those with smaller hands, and quite a few say these mittens aren’t durable.

Key Features

  • Wool + acrylic blend
  • Leather palm patch
  • Designed by a dedicated hunting outfitter


  • Brand: Hot Shot
  • Sizes: One size fits most
  • Materials: Wool, acrylic, leather


  • Silicone dots on palm contribute to a better grip
  • Lined for extra warmth
  • Convertible for use as mittens or fingerless gloves


  • Single size option may be too small or too large
  • No thumb flaps; shorter cuff than our top pick mittens
  • Multiple reviewers say these mittens aren’t built to last

Ojbro Swedish-Made Merino Wool Mittens

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If the best mittens are the highest-quality and most luxurious, these might be the ones you’re looking for. These super-luxe Swedish-made Merino wool mittens don’t deign to double as gloves. They’re mittens through and through, and they come in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and 26 gorgeous differently colored patterns that have mysig, “the Swedish concept of coziness,” written all over them.

In fact, when you purchase these mittens, you’re purchasing a piece of art. According to Ojbro Vantfabrik, the Swedish design company that sells the mittens, each pair features one of designer Ase Ojbro’s unique patterns that tells “a fascinating story about the rustic charms of Nordic life and history.”

Over 100 reviewers give these mittens a 4.7 average star rating and gush about the mittens’ packaging, the softness of the lining, and the quality. They’re recommended by the Raynaud’s Association, which is a good sign for cold hands. Multiple reviewers have purchased them as gifts, and one writes, “I realized I should have ordered more.”

Note that numerous reviewers say these run large, so consult Ojbro’s mitten and glove sizing guide (featured as a photo in the mittens’ Amazon listing) and consider sizing down rather than up if you think you’re between sizes. Finally, note that since these mittens aren’t convertible, you will have to take them off to use a smartphone or do anything else that requires finger dexterity.

Key Features

  • 100 percent Merino wool
  • Thick, ribbed cuff
  • Made in Sweden


  • Brand: Ojbro Vantfabrik
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials: Merino wool


  • Enchanting, classic mitten look
  • Extremely high quality
  • Recommended by the Raynaud’s Association


  • Expensive
  • Sizes run a bit big
  • A bit bulky; definitely not smart phone compatible

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Mittens

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These medium-weight WindRider mittens are very similar to the pair I purchased for myself this winter. They have a sportier look than the gloves we’ve featured on our list so far, plus a number of features that increase their warmth and wearability.

Nearly 200 reviewers give the mittens a 4.5 average star rating, calling them perfect for ski trips, ice fishing, and cold days. The mittens have adjustable wrist straps, extra long cuffs that can be cinched closed with a toggle system, and a zippered pocket (one on each mitten) where you can stash a key, credit card, or ID.

WindRider says they’re made with a Cordura nylon shell, and I quote, “none of that thin nylon crap that rips your first use,” and also leverage a Gore-Tex-like coating, 3M Thinsulate, and soft fleece.

The mittens come in a wide array of sizes (X-Small to XX-Large) and are backed by WindRider’s U.S.-based customer service, which reviewers appreciate. Note that not all buyers agree that these are waterproof (think of them as water resistant, instead) or are thrilled with the mittens’ fit. Some note that if the thumb fits, the rest of the mitten may feel too long or floppy.

Key Features

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Zippered pocket for key or cards
  • Adjustable wrist and cuff for warmer fit


  • Brand: WindRider
  • Sizes: X-Small to XX-Large
  • Material: Nylon, fleece


  • Sporty, active aesthetic
  • Thinsulate-lined for extra warmth


  • Not waterproof
  • Proportions may be a little off

Savior Heated Mittens

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These high-tech heated mittens from Savior Heat take staying warm outdoors to a whole new level. They’re powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, come in seven sizes and three colors, and have three different heat settings.

The mittens are made of windproof, water-resistant lambskin, a fleece liner, and cotton batting and have a unique three-finger design that will afford you a bit more dexterity than traditional mittens offer.

They have a 4.7 average star rating, with over 75 percent of reviewers awarding them 5 stars. One calls these mittens “the best cold weather investment,” another “off-the-charts wonderful.” It’s also worth noting that folks who need bigger mittens appreciate that these come in sizes up to XXX-Large.

The batteries will definitely add weight and bulk to your mitten-wearing experience, and at least one reviewer notes that they run a bit large. Finally, because of the mittens’ three-finger design, your thumb and index finger may feel more exposed to the cold than your other three fingers.

Key Features

  • Available in 7 sizes and 3 colors
  • Lambskin + fleece + cotton
  • 3 heat settings


  • Brand: Savior Heat
  • Sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large
  • Materials: Leather, fleece, cotton


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Extra long, adjustable cuff
  • 3-finger design allows for increased dexterity


  • Most expensive mittens featured in our roundup
  • Thumb and index finger may feel more exposed to the cold
  • Some buyers say sizing runs large + batteries are heavy

Buying winter wear seems straightforward enough. Find articles that are warm, cozy, fit well, and are built to last. Of course, when it comes to mittens alone, we’ve seen that there are so many options. And I, for one, know how drastically a good pair of mittens can improve my experience of the cold winter months, especially as a person who needs to take good care of the circulation in my hands and feet.

Here are a few things to consider as you shop mittens. May the right pair find its way onto your hands and into your heart!


Your mittens’ design is the factor that will most impact how warm they keep you and how wearable they are. If you aren’t worried about blocking the elements completely and want a pair of mittens that will keep your fingers covered when you want them cozy but allow you to text and take calls on your smart phone with ease, hybrid or convertible mittens like our top pick, honorable mention, and also consider choices are your best bet. Note that some convertible mittens also have thumb flaps that will allow you to expose your thumbs for easy texting, but the products on our list don’t have this feature.

If you’re seeking warmer mittens, you may have to sacrifice a bit of this flexibility. More traditional mittens, like the Ojbro option we suggest, will trap the heat in better, but you’ll have to take them all the way off to take a call. The same is true of the WindRider and Savior Heat mittens we recommend.

Whether you opt for traditional or convertible mittens, the length of the cuff can make a big difference. I absolutely hate the feeling of any exposed skin between my coat sleeves and mitten cuffs, so longer, well-fitted cuffs are a priority for me.


Mitten quality varies drastically. Odds are, you can buy an inexpensive pair of mittens at the nearest drug store, but if they’re knit, they may unravel quickly. This is a common complaint among budget mitten buyers. If you want mittens that will last you for years to come, consider whether you can invest more now and be satisfied reaching for the same mittens winter after winter.

Extra Features

Extra features, from zippered pockets to full-on battery-powered built-in mitten heating systems can take your bundling-up experience to the next level. I’ve enjoyed having mittens with an adjustable wrist strap and am considering investing in heated mittens soon (partly because I don’t like the waste involved with using hot hands, though rechargeable electronic hand warmers are also an option and would fit in the mittens I currently own).


A lot of mittens are one-size-fits-most, but the bottom line is, sizing will afford you a better fit. If you opt for mittens that come in different sizes, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s sizing guide as mitten sizes aren’t standardized. Also, read reviews to see if other buyers suggest you size up or down and order accordingly.