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The rise of homesharing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo has opened up a lot of exciting accommodation options for travelers in the United States and abroad. These days, adventurous travelers can even stay in privately owned castles! Why stay in a chain hotel when you could rent a castle for a weekend and live like a king or queen?

Here are seven incredible castles that you and your family could rent for your next vacation.

Melville Castle in Midlothian, Scotland.

1. Melville Castle, Midlothian, Scotland

Scotland is home to many incredible castles that are available for rent. One that stands out, however, is Melville Castle in Midlothian. There are more than 30 rooms to choose from, including standard rooms and suites. The windows offer picturesque views of the Scottish woodlands, and a Scottish-style continental breakfast is served every morning.

The castle is located just outside of downtown Dalkeith and is a 20-minute drive from Edinburgh, a popular tourist destination with plenty of things to do. In Edinburgh, you can tour other castles or check out some of the city’s many historically significant spots.

Wilton Castle in Bree, Ireland.

2. Wilton Castle, Bree, Ireland

You’ll find another great castle for rent in Ireland: Wilton Castle in Bree, near Enniscorthy. You’ll have to share Melville Castle with other guests, but if you book Wilton Castle, you’ll have the entire building to yourself. Of course, this means means a higher price tag as well. There are seven bedrooms featuring queen- and king-size beds, so you can bring the whole family along. Wilton Castle can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Enniscorthy is the second-largest town in the county, and you’ll find plenty of exciting things to do in the area. If you are looking to travel outside the town, Wexford and the coast are just 25 minutes southeast.

Loire Valley Castle in Saint-Georges-Sur-Cher, France.

3. Loire Valley Castle, Saint-Georges-Sur-Cher, France

In a remote area of France between Tours and Bourges is a gorgeous castle in Saint Georges-sur-Cher. This country estate has the look and feel of one of Rhode Island’s Gilded Age mansions. It’s about a 2-hour train ride from Paris, so you could probably plan a day trip to the capital city. However, you might not want to leave: The property itself is very relaxing, and the French countryside is spectacularly beautiful.

Couffins Castle in Asques, France.

4. Couffins Castle, Asques, France

Another impressive French castle you can rent is Couffins Castle. It’s located just outside of Bordeaux near the banks of the Dordogne River. As with Wilton Castle, when you book this castle, you’ll have the entire place to yourself. Wine enthusiasts will love being in close proximity to many of the Bordeaux vineyards, but if you don’t care for wine, there are several other popular attractions under an hour from the estate.

Capperina Tower in Piano Di Sorrento, Italy.

5. Capperina Tower, Piano Di Sorrento, Italy

This incredible coastal tower is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or intimate family gathering, thanks to its smaller size. You can book the entire tower for under $500 per night. The castle rises above a rocky, mountainous coastline and features a private pool that overlooks the water.

You can have an incredible time simply lounging around the property and soaking up the views, or if you prefer a more active vacation, you can easily travel to nearby Italian towns. Sorrento is a 30-minute drive from the tower, and Naples is just under an hour away.

Castle Near Wroclaw in Warmatowice Sienkiewiczowskie, Poland.

6. Castle Near Wroclaw, Warmatowice Sienkiewiczowskie, Poland

This unique castle, located south of Legnica, is an experience like no other. The castle itself is pink, so it’s quite different from the others on our list, and it can accommodate up to 10 guests. Booking options vary: You can reserve the entire castle or just a quarter of it.

The castle is located roughly 37 miles from Wroclaw, but even if you don’t make your way to the city, the castle grounds offer beautiful vistas and plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife.

Dairsie Castle in Fife, Scotland.

7. Dairsie Castle, Fife, Scotland

Dairsie Castle has quite a bit of medieval charm going for it. It features stunning stone construction and a large turret in the front, and its high ceilings, exposed wood beams, and long dining table with chairs certainly look the part. The property features six bedrooms with 10 beds and five bathrooms, and it accommodates up to 14 guests. Dairsie Castle is a full rental, so you’ll pay more per night and get the entire castle to yourself.

The area is picturesque, but if you want to explore beyond the property, the city of Perth is about an hour northwest. The small town of Saint Andrews is about 14 minutes away, and it offers golfing, a nice downtown area, and several fun family-friendly activities.

There are a ton of privately owned castles across Europe that are available for rent, and many cost little more than a decent hotel room. Why settle for a mere accommodation when you could have a memorable experience?