For the 50+ Traveler

The Grand Floridian Resort is regarded as the most luxurious resort in all of Disney World, and for good reason. The resort has roomy suites, impressive amenities, excellent food, entertainment galore, and quick access to Disney parks, including the Magic Kingdom.

Since it is so fancy, a Grand Floridian stay does come with a hefty price tag. You’re paying for luxury, so it’s best to plan ahead to get your money’s worth and more! We have tips from travel experts who know how to do the Grand Floridian right.

The Monorail arriving at the Grand Floridian.

1. Take Advantage Of Easy Transportation

One huge benefit of staying at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort is access to the Disney parks we all know and love! Disney expert Victoria Yore from Disney Trippers explained that there are various ways to access the parks from the resort, including busses, the monorail, and a boat ride.

“The number one amenity at the Grand Floridian for us is the accessibility to the Magic Kingdom. Other than the amazing room, this is what you’re paying for when you stay at the Grand. Being able to hop on the monorail and knowing the next stop is the Magic Kingdom is absolutely lifesaving,“ said expert Lisa DiNoto of The Castle Run.

You can also walk to the Magic Kingdom!

“The Grand Floridian is within walking distance to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, which cuts down on your time waiting in lines for transportation,” added Victoria.

The Grand Floridian Resort.

2. Eat Fast Or Fancy While There

The Grand Floridian has plenty of dining options. Our advice is to know your dining options beforehand, make reservations early, and take time to eat to your heart’s content right at the resort! That way, you’ll experience the resort to its fullest.

For breakfast, Rory Chapman from recommended the Grand Floridian Cafe, which was “much better than any character breakfast I have experienced before at Disney.”

Another character meal is at the resort’s 1900 Park Fare, which is a buffet where you can meet Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Prince Charming, and many more beloved characters!

If you’re able to go all-out, Victoria and Albert’s is a highly rated restaurant that you are guaranteed to love.

“Victoria and Alberts is the only restaurant in the state of Florida to receive both the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star awards,” said Lisa. Pretty fancy, huh?

You can dine in the main room, or you can indulge in the greatest delight offered at the resort -- a Chef’s Table meal. You will be served what Disney calls a “one of a kind” feast with multiple courses. The restaurant is adults-only, and a strict dress code is enforced.

Another Grand Floridian specialty is an afternoon tea British-style at the Garden View Tea Room. Lisa said the cute cafe is a “unique and wonderful experience.”

The resort has plenty of food to satisfy any appetite -- make sure to try some of it, whether you’re on the go or have the time to sit down and enjoy a fancy meal!

A fountain in the Grand Floridian.

3. Look Into The Best Way To Travel To The Resort With Kids

Your experience at the Grand Floridian completely depends on who you’re going with, if anyone! Even though the resort is considered luxurious, it can be enjoyed with children, and they’ll have a blast.

The Bippidy Boppity Boutique is an absolute must for the princess-to-be. Julie Elster, a Disney planner from Double Your WDW, said, “I absolutely love the Grand Floridian for the best princess experience you can find at Disney World.”

Lisa shared a similar sentiment. To her, “Little girls can live out their every fantasy at the Bippidy Boppity Boutique, where fairy godmothers will treat them like royalty with incredible princess makeovers.”

Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian Resort.

4. Know How To Enjoy The Grand With Your Partner Or Other Adults

If you’re not accommodating little ones, there’s another side to the resort that’s catered to adults looking for a more luxurious experience.

Disney trips can be whatever you make of them, but frequently, travelers feel the need to do it all -- see every park, have a full itinerary, and be out in the parks from sunup to sundown. In the midst of all the fun of Disney, we sometimes forget to just relax and actually be on vacation!

The Grand Floridian’s Senses Spa takes care of that for you.

Julie said, “Senses Spa offers adult princess makeovers called Character Couture makeovers. That experience was one of my absolute favorites at Disney parks. And that says a lot!”

Another expert suggestion for older crowds is the Enchanted Rose Lounge, which Lisa described as “a gorgeous space inspired by Beauty and the Beast with phenomenal food and drink.”

Don’t forget about Victoria and Alberts, the best place to treat yourself to a scrumptious meal. The restaurant has an extensive wine selection with over 4,000 bottles in their wine cellar -- some popular, many rare. Eat, drink, and be merry with your grown-up loved ones there!

A room at the Grand Floridian's Villas.

5. Choose Your Room Wisely

Rates for a night in the Grand Floridian start at over $600. With over 900 rooms in the resort, visitors have tons of options for where they can stay, and what they’ll see from their room.

There are three view options. Rooms with theme park views can include vistas of the Magic Kingdom, though these views might be partially obstructed. Rooms with lagoon views might show you peeks of the Magic Kingdom, but you will have a front-and-center view of the Seven Seas Lagoon! Garden view rooms look out over the pool, monorail, or surrounding buildings.

From some rooms, you can even see the Cinderella Castle or the nightly fireworks show!

Depending on your budget, you can upgrade your stay to Club Level, meaning you’ll have extra privileges during your time at the Grand Floridian! The upgrade gets you access to a lounge with snacks, drinks both alcoholic and not, and excellent staff who will help make your trip run as smoothly as possible. The price of Club Level varies, so check out Disney’s site for details on room rates ahead of time before deciding whether to invest or not.

Planning a stay at the Grand Floridian can be tricky for people who don’t have a limitless budget, so Rory suggested keeping a close eye on prices.

“The best thing to do to save on rooms there is to check Disney’s site for discounts constantly, or book with a travel agent who can do that for you at no charge,” he said.

The interior of the Grand Floridian Resort.

6. The Amenities Are Great -- Know Them Ahead Of Time

The Grand Floridian isn’t expensive for no reason.

In fact, according to Victoria, “The Grand Floridian is the only Walt Disney World Resort to offer turn-down service, which includes delicious chocolate on your pillow every night. If you are looking for a luxurious Walt Disney World Hotel, the Grand Floridian is for you.”

Rory stated that “the amenities at the Grand Floridian make it truly one of the best -- if not the best -- resort at Disney World. There are two pools and one incredible splash pad in an Alice in Wonderland theme. My daughter absolutely loved that area, and the zero-entry pool made it great for my son, who had just turned one year old.”

Apart from the pool, the resort itself has its own magic.

“On a regular day, you can relax and enjoy the pianist or orchestra, or during the holiday season, the resort is donned with a massive Christmas tree and likely the biggest gingerbread house you've ever seen. Keep an eye out if you visit around Easter for their incredible display of chocolate Easter eggs. They are absolute works of art,” Lisa said.

The Grand Floridian Resort.

7. Prep For Florida Weather

Preparing for unpredictable Florida weather is key to an enjoyable stay at any of Disney’s resorts, especially the Grand Floridian.

“The Grand Floridian is one of Disney’s larger resorts, and all of the rooms are dispersed into different buildings with little to no head-covering. If there’s a chance of rain, make sure to pack an umbrella just in case,” Rory said.

Also, before you depart for your day in the parks, it’s important to bring your rain gear and layers with you as well!

The sign for the Grand Floridian Resort.

8. Treat The Grand Floridian As An Experience, Not Just A Place To Sleep

The most important tip of all: Remember that the Grand Floridian is not simply a place to shower up and grab a quick bite to eat.

“If you’re planning on using the hotel as just a place to crash after a long day at the parks, save your money and stay at the Grand another time. Or, if you’re not really that big on the Magic Kingdom, then maybe consider another deluxe resort,” Rory said.

The Grand Floridian is an excellent place to stay and explore for tons of reasons! If you’re traveling with your grandkids, consider our 7 tips for planning a Disney trip with the whole family. Or, if you’ve had your fill at Victoria and Albert’s and are on the prowl for more good food, look no further than our 13 expert tips for attending Disney World’s Food and Wine festival!