For the 50+ Traveler

There are many amazing theme parks in the country, but very few are located on the Northeast Coast. This area is long overdue for an awesome theme park that’s easily accessible and fit for little ones.

On July 4, 2020, Legoland -- the largest location in the country -- will open its doors in New York just in time for a fun summer getaway with the family.

Where Is The Park?

Legoland New York is being constructed in Goshen, New York, about 60 miles northwest of New York City and 100 miles southwest of Albany, New York.

You can easily reach Goshen by train or bus from New York and New Jersey.

Miniland, an area inside Legoland New York.

What You’ll See There

The new Legoland location will cover 150 acres and include more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed areas.

The park will be a fun marriage of old and new, recreating beloved attractions like Fire Academy and Splash Battle while also providing new worlds like Bricktopia, where visitors will “shrink” to the size of minifigures on the brand-new Lego Factory Adventure.

In Miniland, visitors will be able to explore replicas of New York City, Los Angeles, and eight other recognizable destinations made entirely of Legos.

In Ninjago World, you and the grandkids will be trained -- and treated -- like real-life ninjas.

At Legoland, there’s something fun for everyone in the family.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you’re a big planner, you’ll take comfort in knowing that tickets are already on the market!

A basic one-day ticket costs only $62.99. This Standard Pass might not give you the full royal treatment, but for $119.99 you’ll have access to special events at the park as well as any and all Lego-related news. The Premium Pass for $134.99 will set you up with free parking, discounts on dining, and access to special events. The Gold Pass comes with a hefty price tag -- about $209.99 -- but you'll get the whole shebang: free parking, unlimited access to the park, invites to special events, and access to all Merlin attractions in North America. Other Merlin attractions include the Legolands in California and Florida as well as the Sea Life Aquariums.

If you’re planning on going all out during your family trip to Legoland New York, why not stay in one of the 250 Lego-themed rooms in the Legoland Hotel? Your grandkids will have the time of their lives!

The entrance to Legoland California.

Other Legoland Locations

There are eight other Legoland parks around the world. You can immerse yourself in a city of Legos in Billund, Denmark; Carlsbad, California; Winter Haven, Florida; Johor Bahru, Malaysia; Dubai; Windsor, United Kingdom; Nagoya, Japan; or Günzburg, Germany. Legoland New York will be the third location to open in the U.S. and the largest across the board.

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