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Hurricane Dorian ripped through the northern Bahamas for days starting on September 2, and the damage is catastrophic.

Over 13,000 homes are either seriously damaged or demolished, the death toll is already at 30 people, and an estimated 70,000 people need immediate humanitarian assistance. The Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama were ravaged by the Category 5 hurricane.

In the face of tragedy, so many of us feel the urge to help in any way possible. Thankfully, in the age of social media, a simple Google search shows tons of organizations working to provide relief for survivors of the hurricane.

Unfortunately, scams are common after natural disasters such as Dorian. In anticipation of a wave of false fundraisers, we turned to the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, which has a set of standards a charity must meet in order to be accredited, and backed our research up by consulting Charity Navigator.

The following is a list of seven organizations with high ratings from both the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator. Each organization is actively working to provide short-term and long-term relief to Dorian survivors. If you’re considering making a donation, we hope our list makes the process a little less daunting and invite you to consider how travel to the Bahamas is a way to help, too!

All Hands And Hearts Smart Response

All Hands and Hearts registers volunteers for natural disaster relief programs. Right now, All Hands and Hearts is still assessing how many volunteers are needed in the Bahamas, and where volunteers can help out. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can learn more about the process here, or donate.


Americares works with national and local organizations to help provide top-priority necessities, including healthcare and shipments of relief supplies. Americares uses funds to deploy emergency medical professionals and supplies to facilitate recovery. You can donate here.

Direct Relief

At the start of hurricane season, Direct Relief delivered shipments of medicines commonly used after a natural disaster. In response to Dorian, Direct Relief pledges to use donations to provide even more medication and medical supplies. If you want to contribute to the health of survivors, you can donate here.


GlobalGiving works on short-term and long-term projects. Their first priority is to provide basic necessities like food and water, shelter, and hygiene products. After meeting basic needs, GlobalGiving provides financial assistance to local organizations that focus on long-term recovery projects. To invest in Bahamians’ present and future, you can donate here.


Donations to Good360 are used to purchase water, personal care items, portable chargers, diapers, tarps, and blankets. If you want to pitch in on supplies, you can donate here.

Heart To Heart International

Heart to Heart International is responding to the crisis by donating supplies like hygiene kits, cleaning supplies, tarps, ropes, and other supplies that assist in immediate relief. The organization is accepting donations here.

International Medical Corps

This organization has deployed medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and mental health providers to save lives and support survivors. You can donate here.

Why Tourism Is A Way To Help, Too

If you’re feeling called to donate to Bahamian relief efforts, it’s essential to consider the hurricane’s effect on the economy of the Bahamas.

According to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, “Six out of every 10 jobs in the Bahamas is tourism-related and the industry makes up more than 40 percent of GDP.” Only two of 700 islands in the Bahamas were affected by the storm, but if misunderstandings about Dorian throw a wrench in the tourism industry everywhere else, the country’s economy will be in danger.

Any contribution helps. Donating your time or money is an excellent way to support survivors. And if you’re taking into consideration the Bahamas as a whole, supporting the tourism industry is another way to help the country heal.