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Have you ever imagined waking up to find a giraffe roaming around in your backyard, peeking its head through your window? Probably not. Actually, it sounds like a case of animals escaping from a nearby zoo. Although that might be entertaining, it’s not what’s going on when visitors of this beautiful manor, tucked away in Nairobi, Kenya, have up-close-and-personal giraffe encounters. At Giraffe Manor, you can expect to see giraffes roaming freely and occasionally popping their heads in the wide-open windows for a snack or two.

Find out more about this magical retreat and details on booking it for your safari-centric vacation!

Aerial view of Giraffe Manor.

About The Manor

Giraffe Manor is a hidden beauty “set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi.” The manor is one of the four luxury camps and lodges owned by The Safari Collection and dates back to the 1930s. Owners Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley are Kenya natives who manage a collection of luxury accommodations. Their hope is to provide their guests with an immersive experience of what Kenya has to offer.

What makes this place so unique are its long-necked friends who are free to roam. A herd of endangered resident Rothschild giraffes, who are taken care of by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW), live on the grounds of the manor. During your stay, you can expect to see these giraffes poking their heads in and out of the manor’s windows in hopes of securing a snack from the manor’s guests.

Breakfast with the giraffes.

Book A Room

The manor is an exclusive boutique hotel offering only 12 rooms, so book in advance. Those lucky enough to score a room here can prepare to be amazed by the friendly giraffes and luxury treatment.

The manor lists the ideal stay length as two nights, but the manor’s website suggests you can book for a single night or even make your stay “part of a complete tailor-made safari with The Safari Collection.” The manor receives guests year-round, so there are no restrictions on when you can go, as long as a room’s available.

There is a breakdown and description of each of the 12 unique rooms offered on the manor’s website. Each room is uniquely outfitted and offers a distinct experience. Prices start at $620 per person a night.

A giraffe licks a girl's face at the Manor.

Giraffe Manor’s Other Offerings

Of course, being surrounded by lovable and hungry giraffes sounds like the highlight of a stay at Giraffe Manor, but there’s a lot more to explore during your time there. The manor’s website lists the top five things to do as feeding the giraffes breakfast, taking a guided walk through the sanctuary, going to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to meet baby elephants, visiting the Karen Blixen and Nairobi Museums, and watching the sunset behind the Ngong Hills on the terrace while enjoying afternoon tea.

If you’re looking to get away and take in some historical art, the manor suggests you sneak off to the Matbronze Art Gallery and Foundry to view “one of the largest displays of wildlife bronzes in Africa.”

Giraffes greeting guests at the Manor.

Giraffe Manor is a dream come true for animal lovers. No rooms available? As mentioned before, the owners run three other luxury properties that you can give a try: Sala’s Camp, Sasaab, and Solio Lodge. If you’re planning an African adventure, you should consider giving one of these delightful retreats a try!

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