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Geoff Moore is an award winning travel blogger, writer, photographer and videographer. He has been travelling around the world for the last 40 years and certainly more intensely in the last 20. Geoff has been a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for 14 years and I recently received a lifetime membership award from the NUJ. You can follow his exploits and worldwide travels on his blog The Travel Trunk. Geoff has visited over 50 countries and in some cases due to work commitments often many times.

Geoff was kind enough to spend time answering our questions below.

Geoff Moore in Penang Malaysia checking out street art there.

TA: How many years have you been traveling and what got you hooked?

Geoff: A tiny black and white photograph of the Treasury at Petra in Jordan is what kicked off my interest in travel way back when I was a small child.

TA: Do you specialize in a particular type of travel?

Geoff: I am interested in all aspects of travel not only the luxury hotels and resorts but the trains, boats and planes that get you there too. I love seeing behind the scenes and finding out about how the industry works. And not all the pomp and pimped up front of house stuff. That insider knowledge can be so useful when passing on information to the traveling public at large. I have appeared numerous times on TV and radio talking about the travel industry.

TA: What is the best vacation you've ever taken?

Geoff: One of my favourite vacations has to have been Fregate Island Private in the Seychelles where I did have my own 'Butler'. The butler was certainly pure indulgence but the island has a unique flora and fauna and it provided many behind the scenes memorable wildlife encounters. But in a different way retracing the route to that location of where the tiny black and white photograph was taken in Petra was also a very special and personal moment for me.

TA: What's one place you've always wanted to visit?

Geoff: I think the Antarctic!

TA: What's one thing you ALWAYS pack when you travel?

Geoff: Has to be my cameras as without them travel seems to lose a bit of its meaning for me.

TA: If you could only give a traveler one piece of advice, what would it be?

Geoff: Wear good stout walking boots!

TA: What are some of your favorite travel blogs and communities?

Geoff: Go Eat Do!

Petra. Courtesy of Geoff Moore.

TA: What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten overseas?

Geoff: Durian fruit in Malaysia its has a foul smell and is not allowed into many hotels!

TA: Do you have any good airport or flight hacks for people traveling by plane?

Geoff: Travel first class if not then business or then premium economy and as a last resort travel economy but please travel!

TA: Is there something you think most travelers worry too much about?

Geoff: Going to a new destination for the first time and over researching it!

TA: What's a travel scam travelers should be wary of?

Geoff: Beach bum spinning story about his wife having just given birth and they needed some money for rice for a family naming ceremony! A work colleague once gave a beach bum some money to buy postcards for him he never saw his $10 again!

TA: Which country has surprisingly good food?

Geoff: Sardinia has not only great meat and diary products but excellent Vermintino wine but also they produce a wine that is matured under the sea!

TA: What was the most romantic place you ever visited with a partner?

Geoff: Fregate Island where they have one beach (they have 6 others) that if you are the first ones there you can put up a sign and then have the beach totally for yourselves until you leave and turn back the sign.

TA: What is the most beautiful and affordable city you've ever visited?

Geoff: Vienna has so much to offer, lovely palaces, gardens and parks plus if you stay clear of the main tourist areas for eating then there are a miriad of places to dine cheaply. Take a bus ride to Kahlenberg for great views back over the city for example.

TA: What's one way people can get the most out of their cruise experience?

Geoff: Having been on one cruise my experience of it was not at all positive. It appeared to be geared around shopping with a huge lack of interest in the culture of the islands that we were visiting.

TA: Have you ever met someone while traveling who changed your life? Who were they?

Geoff: Every person I meet whilst travelling has changed my life by sharing a part of the total experience without them it would be just myself.

TA: What are the best places to travel solo and why?

Geoff: Places like Slovenia and Estonia fairly small countries but if you are just an English speaker then you can leave your phrase book at home.

TA: What's something that other tourists do when traveling that drives you crazy and why?

Geoff: Forget their common sense!

TA: Which underrated destination deserves to be more famous?

Geoff: Up State New York. Here the park is massive, the mountains are larger, the lakes are bigger, its like the UK Lake District but on steriods. What makes it even better is that there are just a fraction of the visitors that the Lake District gets.

TA: What's one piece of advice you'd give to travelers your age?

Geoff: Keep going if you can't travel the world anymore get to know your own country better.

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