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Jane and Duncan are travel writers from Sydney, Australia who are the co-founders of the travel lifestyle website To Travel Too. They were kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

TA: How many years have you been traveling and what got you hooked?

Duncan: We have been travelling since 2013. Jane has been in the travel industry for the past 40 years and it was a natural progression to set up a travel and lifestyle website when 'we both fired our corporate jobs.' Our eldest son went on a gap year in 2012 and we stalked him on Facebook and Instagram. After catching up with him in Santorini we had a 'life check' moment and thought to hell with this, we can do it too.

TA: Do you specialize in a particular type of travel?

Jane: Our community loves architecture, gastronomic delights, luxury, spa and wellness and history so when we travel this is our focus.

TA: What is the best vacation you've ever taken?

Jane: Since 2013 we have been on vacation, so we can say our last 5 years?!

TA: What's one place you've always wanted to visit?

Jane: Egypt and the pyramids -- we are planning this for next year.

TA: What's one thing you ALWAYS pack when you travel?

Jane: A power board to charge all our technology.

TA: If you could only give a traveler one piece of advice, what would it be?

Jane: Slow your travel down. The faster you travel, the higher the costs. Enjoy the time spent in a local and live more like a local.

TA: What are some of your favorite travel blogs and communities?

Jane: Our friends Betsy and Pete over at and Simon, Penny, and guide dog Otto at

TA: What would be your #1 recommendation for a place to travel in 2019?

Jane: Antarctica (after we travel there in November 2018).

TA: What are the top 3 websites you use for research/inspiration when planning a trip?

Jane: Flights: (our first go to for flight research). Hotels: Second flight website:

TA: Do you have any good airport or flight hacks for people traveling by plane?

Jane: Flight Hack: always check one-way tickets for cheap flights and don't discount travelling from secondary airports to reduce costs.

TA: What is the best piece of travel advice you've ever been given?

Jane: Slow down your travel and saviour the experience. And always always take out travel insurance.

TA: Is there something you think most travelers worry too much about?

Jane: Not being able to afford to travel. If you have a budget, track it daily and keep within the budget. Don't travel to destinations at peak season. Use the shoulder seasons.

TA: What's a travel scam travelers should be wary of?

Jane: Bangkok -- the Royal Palace is open during the day. Don't fall for the scam that it is only open in the afternoon and that to fill in time before it opens we can take you by tuk tuk to another Palace. Yes, you get to go to another palace, but on the way jewellery shops, tailors -- you get the drift.

TA: Which country has surprisingly good food?

Jane: Thailand. Every dish is good especially if you are a vegetarian.

TA: What was the most romantic place you ever visited with a partner?

Jane: Santorini -- enjoying chilled glasses of wine, excellent food with views over the Caldera at sunset.

TA: What is the most beautiful and affordable city you've ever visited?

Jane: Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic -- it is like a fairy tale city.

TA: Which underrated destination deserves to be more famous?

Jane: The Czech Republic -- we have just spent a month there. Many people just travel to Prague for a few days, but you need to get out into the countryside to experience the real country. Beautiful scenery, castles, spas, great food, and easy to get around. You need at least two weeks to experience its beauty.

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