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Imagine you're three-and-a-half hours into your flight across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to France when you find out the plane has to turn around because someone broke a toilet. That's literally what happened to Bravo host Andy Cohen and the other passengers of Delta Airlines light 412 last week. They were hours deep into their flight when someone apparently stopped up a toilet, and rather than pushing on toward France, the decision was made to turn back to New York.

Bravo's Andy Cohen and friend at airport
Bravo's Andy Cohen (at front).

This meant Cohen and his fellow passengers had to be on a flight for more than seven hours only to find themselves back where they started from. Andy Cohen shared his frustration over the whole ordeal on his Instagram story, explaining that they were an hour or two outside of Europe, "Somebody pooped or put something down the toilet that didn't go. Broke the toilets. Guess where we are? Back at JFK. We had to turn around and fix a **ing toilet."

It seems unclear exactly what happened to the toilet, whether the malfunction was caused by someone using it or by someone putting a foreign object down there and breaking it. But the incident obviously caused a major inconvenience for passengers and crew since they didn't make it to their destination as scheduled.

So, why didn't the plane just continue on to Nice? According to the Daily Mail's reporting, Delta had more maintenance staff to fix the issue in New York than they did in France. So back the plane went to the U.S. to undergo its repairs.

Naturally, Andy Cohen wasn't the only passenger to take his frustration over the situation online...

Passengers were set up for a new flight, and Andy Cohen did eventually get his vacation underway...

Peace Out! ??

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As for the toilet, it has presumably been repaired by now.

This certainly wasn't the first time a broken toilet on an airline made headlines.

In the case of Cohen's Delta flight, it doesn't sound like the malfunction created a major disturbance within the cabin, which is more than could be said for one 2015 British Airways flight from Heathrow to Dubai. The plane had only been airborne for 30 minutes when it had to turn around due to a pungent odor emanating from the bathroom. After returning to Heathrow, passengers were forced to spend the night at a hotel and wait to catch the next flight the following day.

While they spent far less time on their flight than Cohen and the New York to France passengers did before turning back, thirty minutes is still a long time to spend on a plane that smells like poo.

All in all, it's these types of incidents that serve as a reminder to be grateful when your flight runs smoothly.

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