For the 50+ Traveler

Looking to discover the most eclectic diners that will leave you full and happy? Visit one of these eateries to feed your need for culinary adventure.

1. Clover Grill, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bourbon Street has a major reputation for partying into the early morning hours. Nestled on the quieter side of the French Quarter is an eatery that has become a cozy escape from the otherwise hectic New Orleans atmosphere. This retro-themed diner features bright pink menus and stools straight out of the 1950's, but the main draw is their fabulous food.

Clover Grill has been open since the year 1939, so they know their way around delectable burgers, fries, and brunch staples. Their motto is "we love to fry and it shows," and just one bite of their cooking tells you all you need to know about their dedication to simple culinary favorites. Next time you find yourself strolling down Bourbon Street don't forget to take a seat and have a bite. You are sure to find something on the menu that suits your fancy.

2. Dime Store, Detroit, Michigan

Brunch has become a staple for many foodies around the world, and it is the perfect opportunity to ease into the day with a delicious meal and time well-spent with loved ones. Any visit to Detroit, Michigan warrants a stop at the Dime Store, a brunch bar that specializes in cocktails and hearty breakfast foods. The inside of this diner is warm and slightly eccentric, making this dining experience all the more appealing.

Whether you are craving some poutine fries or dare to dive into a churro-infused Belgian waffle, Dime Store's funky decor is sure to make you feel welcome while you dig in. Don't forget to try on of their craft beers or signature cocktails to enjoy alongside one of their filling entrees.

3. Tom's Restaurant, New York, New York

New York City is a melting pot of endless cultures and customs, making for a wide variety of delicacies to choose from. Although there is no shortage of fancy and expensive restaurants to dine in, most New Yorkers will tell you to make a visit to the famous Tom's Restaurant on Broadway. This humble eatery may seem like any other cheap place to catch a bite, but it has a special place in Hollywood.

Used as the backdrop for the infamous Monk's Diner in the coveted sitcom Seinfeld, Tom's Restaurant has become an attraction in its own right. Try a plate of lemon-ricotta pancakes or a serving of their famous gravy fries. This legendary diner has a little bit of everything to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you walk in hungry or simply want to sip on a cup of fresh, hot coffee, Tom's Restaurant is a must-see while venturing around the city. Friendly service, a welcoming atmosphere, and scents of delicious eats await you.

4. Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas features a ton of fine dining options. Pretty much anything you crave, at any time or the day or night. An all-time favorite among locals and tourists alike is Hash House A Go Go, a brunch establishment that specializes in "twisted farm food." Some kind of culinary delight you would only expect to come out of Sin City.

Hash House A Go Go takes traditional brunch foods to the next level. From their fried chicken and waffle tower to the O'Hare of a dog - complete with bacon and a 24-ounce beer in a bag - this diner is overflowing with favorites that are just out of this world. They go big or go home with your portion at Hash House A Go Go, so be sure to come on an empty stomach. You will definitely leave stuffed and satisfied, with memories of a dining experience you will never forget.

5. Swingers, Los Angeles, California

With a name like Swingers, you know this L.A. diner is far from ordinary. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, the inside of this retro coffee shop looks like something from a crazy dream. Tile walls clash so perfectly with paper lanterns and plaid upholstery, and it's all part of this diner's award-winning charm.

Even more shocking than the decor is the super affordable prices, which is a rare occurrence anywhere in Southern California. Sample the exceptionally delicious french toast or munch on a short stack of pancakes. This diner delivers some serious flavor and funky flare.

Going out to eat while traveling doesn't have to be a bore. Ditch the traditional chain restaurants and try something bold and insanely mouth-watering. Visit one of these diners on your next road trip to experience an incredible dining experience. One of these casual eateries are bound to become the highlight of your travels, and the flavors and ambiance will have you coming back for more!