For the 50+ Traveler

Contemplating a trip to Palm Strings? Here are some fascinating tidbits that just might motivate you to take a trip you'll never forget.

1. Modernist Architecture

If you're an architecture buff, particularly modernist architecture, you'll probably want to visit Palm Springs during Modernism Week. This 11-day affair is a celebration of all things midcentury modern. It takes place in February and spans over 350 events, including a home tour, lectures, double-decker architectural bus tours, and more. Modernism Week became a 501 non-profit organization in 2009 and has established a scholarship program for local high school seniors looking to study architecture and design in college. It also supports the preservation of modernist architecture throughout California, so your patronage supports a few worthy causes.

Modernist home Palm Springs

2. The World's Largest Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs features the largest aerial tramway in the entire world. Opened in 1963, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway will take you from the floor of the Coachella Valley all the way up to San Jacinto Peak in under ten minutes. This means you get a fantastic view without the hassle of a pesky hike through rugged terrain. At the Mountain Station, you'll have an assortment of dining options and bars to choose from, assuming the view from over 8,000 feet up won't turn your stomach. If you feel compelled to burn off the calories from your meal, you'll also have access to miles and miles of scenic hiking trails.

Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs

3. The Most Pools Per Capita

Watch your step if you visit Palm Springs, or you might take an unexpected dip in one of the many pools found there. Palm Springs has the most pools per capita in the country, and it's no wonder given the sizzling temperatures reached here during the summer months. If you love to take a dunk, Palm Springs just might be the place for you, as you won't have to look hard to find a watering hole to beat the desert heat. The Arrive Hotel of Palm Springs hosts a movie night the third Thursday of every month where you can take in a film while working on your backstroke, or while relaxing poolside.

4. The Date Capital Of The USA

Do you like dates? No, not the romantic rendezvous, the fruit! Greater Palm Springs is chock full of date gardens, and the area is responsible for more than 80 percent of the date production in the country. Dates are not only tasty but also good for you. They can relieve heart problems, constipation, anemia, sexual dysfunction, and more. Dates also go a long way toward helping you recover from a hangover, should you overindulge a bit while visiting one of the lovely wineries in the area. So if you're a fan of the fruit, why not make a date date to visit Palm Springs? Put it in your datebook.

5. Of Course

Fore! If you love to hit the links, Palm Springs has you covered. It is known throughout the world as a bit of a golfing mecca. Greater Palm Springs has over 120 golf courses, many of which were designed by world-class designers. Since there are so many links, competition is steep between the clubs as they compete to lure customers in. This means some courses go as far as to offer luxury buffets and complimentary valet parking! If you're a golf nut, teeing off against a beautiful mountainous backdrop is tough to beat. The TPC Stadium Course, Indian Wells Golf Resort, and SilverRock Resort (designed by legendary golfer Arnold Palmer) are some standouts among the dozens of options at your disposal.

Golf Course

6. Citywide Golf Cart Parade

Speaking of golf, if you're looking for a unique, family-friendly experience, consider attending the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade. It has occurred sporadically since as far back as the 1960s, but it didn't become an annual event until 1983. These days, it takes place every October and draws anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 spectators clamoring to see all the wild golf carts that roll by. There's a lot going on at the parade to keep you entertained; it features clowns, face painting, crafts, a rock climbing wall, and even a pancake breakfast.

7. Where The Stars Sleep

Though this may seem a bit macabre, it may interest you to know quite a few famous people have chosen Palm Springs as the location where they want to be buried. Due to the city's proximity to Hollywood, and its popularity with old school stars, this likely comes as no surprise. Actors, athletes, politicians, and authors have all chosen Palm Springs to house them for all eternity. Included among those buried in the area are Sonny Bono, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Van Heusen, and Jilly Rizzo.

If you're all packed up with nowhere to go, perhaps these facts about Palm Springs will persuade you to visit this SoCal paradise. This beautiful area features a little something for everyone.