For the 50+ Traveler

Prague has countless hidden secrets waiting for visitors who like to get out and explore. With that being said, all the conventional ways of seeing a city live side-by-side with the unconventional. Here are some tips to make your trip to Prague unforgettable!

1. Check Out An Amazing John Lennon Art Tribute

Apparently, people from Prague really love John Lennon because they've created a wall of tribute to him. Nearly every square inch of the wall's surface is covered with graffiti, primarily inspiring lyrics or imagery related to the Beatles.

The wall is a never-ending work in progress. You could check out the wall one year and come back the next to find it utterly changed, so it's definitely worth seeing at least once! Grab a selfie: it's become somewhat of a tradition for tourists to get one with the John Lennon Wall.

The astronomical clock in Prague.

2. See One Of The Oldest Clocks In The World

Astronomical clocks use special mechanisms to display information about the position of the moon, sun, stars, etc., and they're some of the most magnificent inventions of the Medieval Ages.

Prague's astronomical clock is the third-oldest of its kind in the world, and it was first installed in 1410. It's the only one of those three that's still operating, and it's worth checking out the clock and the gothic tower that houses it atop the Old Town Hall. You can even pay for admission to the top of the tower for a splendid view of the market square, even better if it's Christmastime and the market is set up (see #6 on the list).

3. Play Prague Street Art Bingo

Throughout the city, visitors will see large pieces of art that stand out. Many of these structures have been created by artist David Cerny, and most of them are meant to serve as a commentary on political and social issues.

There are tours that will take you to see the various sculptures throughout Prague, but you can easily conduct your own personal scavenger hunt for the pieces by using information online and asking locals.

Tourists on a beer tour in Prague.

4. Take A Beer Tour

Czechs take their beer very seriously, and you should too! Instead of stumbling from bar to brewery on your own, you can arrange for a local guide to take you on a tour of the city's finest establishments.

Not only will you get to try the best Czech beers, you'll also get some company and information on the beers when you take a Prague beer tour. Everyone know's it's better to drink with new friends!

5. Travel In December And Visit The Christmas Markets

Some travelers prefer to stay home around the holidays, but if you're able to get to Prague in December, you'll find beautiful Christmas markets throughout the city with local vendors, unique Christmas gifts, and of course, classic holiday decorations!

The Petrin Lookout Tower in Prague.

6. Climb The Prague Version Of The Eiffel Tower

It's not quite the Eiffel Tower, but the Petrin Lookout Tower does share some similarities, and it was actually intended to be a loose copy of its Parisian counterpart. Apart from a shared aesthetic with its cousin, Petrin Lookout also allows visitors to hike the 299 steps to the top.

Be warned: it does take 30-minutes to climb to the top, and you will likely be exhausted when you get there! The lazier (AKA smarter) tourists among us might prefer to take the funicular, a cable car transport, to the top.

The views of Prague, and even all of Bohemia when the skies are clear, are exquisite, and there are foodstuffs and souvenirs to be had on the ground floor.

7. See 280+ Museums

Prague is affectionately known by some as the city of museums. It lives up to its billing by maintaining a museum for almost every subject you could possibly imagine. They have an Apple Museum (apple products, that is), a gingerbread museum, a toilet museum, a sex machine museum, and hundreds of others!

You might not have time to see them all, but pick out a few that sound intriguing and weave them into your itinerary. The city certainly prides itself on the quality of its museums, so you won't be disappointed.

Prague at night.

8. The Sights Look Even Brighter At Night

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge are two of the most famous tourist spots in Prague, but you can mix it up by seeing them at night.

The city has put great effort into illuminating these landmarks after dark, and it actually makes them even more beautiful (if that's possible). Just don't forget your camera!

9. Try The Local Delicacies

Does pickled cheese appeal to you? Maybe not, but it's a popular local snack, so you'll have to try it at least once.

On the alcohol side, try Becherovka, a herbally infused drink that is supposed to be a digestive aid, but it might just be another excuse to drink... Either way, you only live once!

You don't have to look too hard to find interesting things to do in Prague, but why not take a few steps off the beaten path?