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Not only are these hotels celebrity-owned, they're also really nice! Read on to figure out which of your your favorite actors has a hotel at which you can book a stay.

1. Blackadore Caye, Belize

Blackadore Caye is a work in progress, but the eco-resort is planned to be open at some point in 2018, and boy, is it ever supposed to be nice!

Located just off the coast of Belize, behind one of the world's largest barrier reefs, Blackadore Caye is being designed with the environment in mind and will be powered completely by renewable energy. It'll also increase the health of biological species surrounding the resort instead of taking away from it like many modern developments.

This world-class luxury hotel will be built as part of a complex along with a climate change research station, and if you haven't guessed it by now, this project is being funded by none other than superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

In keeping with his stance on climate change and the protection of the environment, DiCaprio is continuing this pursuit after already recently producing a global warming-themed documentary.

His hotel will no doubt rake in some major money, but he's serious about keeping it ecologically friendly, even insisting that new guests will have to go through an environmental training program before their stay.

Blackadore Caye

2. Nobu Marbella, Spain

There are no kids allowed at Nobu Marbella in Spain. This romantic, stylish resort is the ideal place for couples and friends to have a fantastically enjoyable vacation. It's set on the "Golden Mile," a long stretch of land in Spain known for its lush environment and numerous wineries. Not only is the food exquisite, but they offer VIP nightclub access, 5-star service, and an altogether glamorous experience.

It makes sense, then, that this resort was founded by Hollywood mega-star Robert De Niro. He helped to establish the Nobu restaurants and now creates hotels in locations like Manila, London, and soon, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Somehow, De Niro has found the time to have one of the most storied acting careers in history along with a wildly successful chain of restaurants and hotels.

3. Bedford Post Inn, Westchester County, New York

Unassuming yet beautiful, the Bedford Post Inn is a luxury boutique inn that only has eight rooms. While they cater to a small crowd at any given time, they do offer two on-site restaurants, a yoga studio, classes, and more.

The Inn gives off an air of class, as does Richard Gere, the famed actor who owns the joint. With only eight rooms, maybe you'll even bump into the man himself if you end up booking a stay here!

Bedford Post Inn
Bedford Post Inn.Hudson Valley Magazine

4. Gaia Retreat & Spa, Brooklet, Australia

Founded in 2005, the Gaia Retreat & Spa has earned international recognition for its breathtaking 25 acres of land in Bundjalung County. Among locals, it's known as the healing heartland of Australia, and Gaia has built a reputation as the ultimate pampering retreat with specialized holistic treatments offered by a diverse range of wellness professional

One of the founders is Olivia Newton-John (of Grease fame), and she continues to be a very vocal supporter of the retreat.

5. The MiM Hotel, Sitges, Spain

With 77 rooms, a magnificent high-end restaurant, rooftop bar, and pool, the MiM Hotel in Sitges, Spain was purchased for 26 million euros by famed footballer Lionel Messi.

Apparently, he was drawn to the hotel because it's only an hour away from Barcelona, his adopted city and the site of much of his football career.

Stiges, Spain

6. Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji

The Namale Resort & Spa isn't only owned by someone famous, it's also frequented by famous clientele like Russell Crowe, Edward Norton, Donna Karan, and others. It's not hard to figure out why since the northern island of Fiji, called Vanua Levu, is mesmerizingly beautiful and the resort is located on 525 acres worth of the island. It's an adults-only resort with authentic Fijian finishes, dining, and of course, waterfront.

Known as a motivator and star of the recent Netflix documentary I'm Not Your Guru, Tony Robbins created Namale Resort & Spa and turned it into a five-star, award-winning resort. Robbins often mentions his love of Fiji and his frequent stays at the resort, so there's a decent chance you might bump into him or some of his other famous customers.

7. The Clarence, Dublin, Ireland

Located in the heart of Dublin, this boutique four-star hotel is a fun stay that gives prime access to the cobbled streets that show guests the way to gems like the Temple Bar.

The Clarence is known as a rock 'n' roll hotel, so it's only fitting that it's owned by musicians and bandmates Bono and The Edge of U2.

Picking hotels can be tiresome sometimes -- many of them seem so similar! If nothing else, these celebrity-owned hotels will give you something to talk about -- and often more than that.