For the 50+ Traveler

Everyone knows about Mexico, Hawaii, etc. so why not try something new? Some of these countries with pristine beaches are bound to take you by surprise!

1. Iceland

Although it has "ice" in its name, Iceland actually surprises many travelers with its breathtaking beaches. While the temperatures are relatively frosty most of the year, the peak of summer (June/July) offers temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.

It's well worth it to schedule a trip during this time, because just two hours south of the country's capital, Reykjavik, is a one-of-a-kind beach located in the town of Vik. This black sand beach is called Reynisfjara, and it also has basalt caves that you should check out while you're there.

If you're gunning for guaranteed warm water, hit up Nautholsvik, which is also conveniently close to Reykjavik. Snaefellsjokull volcano is nearby, and it's one reason that the water flowing into Nautholsvik is so warm: it's a thermal beach.

There's also Budir Beach, a more traditional, light-sand beach that compares to the more typical beaches most of us have come to expect.

One thing is for sure: Iceland will give you a beach experience like you've never had before!

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Black beach, two big rocks, storm rolling in, Iceland
Black beaches near Vik, Iceland.

2. Turkey

Most people have heard of Turkish baths, but Turkish... beaches? They have those too!

When you book a beach trip, you'd usually look for things like lots of sand, sun, warm weather, and a comfortable area to settle in for a week or two. That's why many people end up in locations like the Caribbean or Latin America. But Turkey checks off all of those boxes as well.

Antalya is known as a resort city in Turkey. It's surrounded by beaches while also offering plenty of hotels and amenities that beach bums are looking for.

The sky-blue water that most beach-goers have come to love will be found in abundance around Antalya. One of the best beaches to check out is Konyaalti Beach, which offers views of nearby mountains for you to appreciate while you tan. Lara Beach is another place worth planting your lounger for a couple days.

3. Germany

Germany is far from an obvious beach country in many people's minds. But during the summer, temperatures can hit as high as the 90s, although they're usually primarily in the high 70s and 80s.

The number one beach location in Germany is Sylt, a northern island with 25 miles of sandy beaches on which to soak up the sun. While you're there, check out Rotes Kliff near Kampen for some truly special views.

There are lots of options for beaches in Germany. Some of the other frontrunners are Usedom, Amrum, and Rugen, the latter offering a selection of resorts, upwards of 38 miles of beach, and nearly 2,000 hours of sun every year.

One of the best parts about picking a beach destination like Germany is that you won't find overcrowded beaches like you will in some of the most common tourist destinations.

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Grass, beach dunes, and ocean
Sylt Beach in the North Sea, Germany.

4. China

Some concepts just don't seem to go together. For example, when someone says "China," your first thought probably isn't "the beach." But you'd be wrong!

China is an absolutely massive country, both in terms of geography and population. most travelers focus on the largest cities, the mountains, the archaeological treasures. But if you want to hit the beach, China's got you covered.

Stopping in Shanghai is de rigueur if you're visiting China. Relatively close by is Putuoshan Island, a well-manicured spot that offers long beaches and splashing waves.

But the real place you want to catch some sun is further south in Sanya, where you'll find the kind beaches that you've come to know and love. Yalong Bay is by far the most popular, but Sanya Bay is quite nice as well, and less plagued by crowds.

Many beachgoers enjoy doing some scuba diving or snorkeling, and in this respect, Wuzhizhou is the Chinese equivalent of the Maldives.

Whichever beach you choose, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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5. India

TIME Magazine once named Radhanagar Beach in India as "Asia's best beach," and word has slowly started to creep out that India actually has many beaches worth checking out. It's really not that surprising given how much prime coastline real estate India has.

The subcontinent has grown in popularity as a travel destination, and while most trips center on seeing Mumbai or the Taj Mahal, it's becoming more common to see foreigners booking trips in places like Agonda Beach or Palolem Beach.

India also has some of the best coral reefs in the world at Maharashtra's Takarli Beach, so get some snorkel gear, an underwater camera, and go get some pics to share with your friends back home!

Your friends might be shocked when you tell them you're taking your next beach trip in India, but you'll get to appreciate a destination you might not ordinarily see while experiencing the kind of relaxation you can only find on a towel in the sun.

Sunset at beach
Sunset at Radhanagar Beach, India.